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Get Customer Reviews Efficiently Using Strong Communication Techniques

How do small businesses get customer reviews that bring new customers through the doors? How do businesses avoid getting negative reviews that drive new customer elsewhere? They hire companies like Josh Melick’s His company works with small businesses to help them gather positive reviews. With a strong online presence, centralized communication, and good service, […]

JP Morgan Chase Study – Understanding Opportunities and Life-Cycle of American Small Businesses

Today, every small-medium sized business shares an iconic status in the modern economy, and the owners of these businesses are the job creators, and righteous strivers who drive the economy of a country. But, for the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding small businesses, a central puzzle remains – what is the role of these businesses in […]

Facebook “Call Now” Button Increases Local Awareness

In 2004, when Facebook was founded, the sole purpose of the site was to serve as a social networking platform for individuals to stay connected with their social circles.  Whether that be friends or family, many people sought out Facebook for their own personal use. Over the past many years, Facebook has continued to not only serve […]

New Features from Xero Makes Accounting That Much Easier for Small Business

Most companies want to “work smarter, not harder” and as most business owners know, the best way to do this is through the use of technology. Take Xero for example, an easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses. They know how important good technology is for small businesses and continue to add features to their software that […]

Cyber Security Myths Small Businesses Need to Know About

I’m teaming up with Norton to help small businesses resolve to be better about their cybersecurity in 2015. Experts have repeatedly cautioned businesses of all sizes against the dangers of leaving data unprotected, leading to tightened security measures across the country. Professionals still aren’t sure they’ve done everything they can to protect their networks, since […]

Digital Outlet Site Gives Small Businesses A New Way To Market Locally and Globally

When the Internet was in its early stages, local portals seemed the way to go. CitySearch provided the average Internet user the opportunity to easily learn about restaurants, events, and other local businesses without having to spend hours searching. Over time, “local” seems to have become lost, with consumers relying on Google’s localized search feature […]