Pinching, Small Text, Load Time and 5 More Things User Hate About Their Mobile Experience.

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Mobile is so important, yet we often don’t give users the right experience for their mobile shopping. There are lots of things we can do wrong to DEGRADE a shopper’s experience, here are 8 things they most hate., from Hayley Silver, VP,

These tips are from Hayley Silver, VP, Bizrate Insight, a division of Connexity.

Too much pinching, zooming and misclicks

Mobile experiences that require a lot of zooming not only frustrate people, they tend to cause a lot of “misclicks” which send the user to a new page unintentionally. This can lead to a frustrating experience, wasted loading time and a higher bounce rate.

Slow load time

Slow mobile load time may be unavoidable in some cases, but there are also some simple steps you can take to reduce it. As a reward you’ll probably see a drop in abandonment, almost instantly.

Inconsistent Product Availability

The mobile and desktop shopping experience are bound to look different on the surface, but shoppers hate it when they are fundamentally different. Completely changing your navigation or product availability on mobile can lead to frustration for omni-channel shoppers.

Text is too small to read

This problem is widely known, but it remains a persistent complaint by mobile shoppers… clearly there is a gap between what retailers assume is “readable,” and what shoppers can tolerate.

Don’t make me type!

Screens have gotten larger, but mobile shoppers still don’t like typing on their mobile phones—and let’s be honest, they probably never will.

Images are too small

Great mobile shopping experiences require a delicate balance; space is extremely limited, but content must be large enough to read.

Limited product information

While cutting copy on your homepage and category pages can free up precious space on your mobile screen, never sacrifice your product copy. Mobile shoppers who are seriously considering a purchase want the same amount of product info as they would on desktop. Never eliminate or reduce product details to save space, instead get smart about how you display it.

Data security concerns

In the wake of so many public data breaches, consumer concerns over data security remain alive and well. Bizrate Insights found that nearly 2/3 of American shoppers don’t trust retailers with their payment and personal information.

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