Top Business Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number

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Virtual phone numbers work the same way as a normal phone number work, but you get additional benefits. Unlike traditional phone numbers that are connected to a single phone line, virtual phone numbers can be received by multiple destinations. For example, a virtual phone number could be answered via a phone in Chicago or via a computer in Columbia. The location and device doesn’t matter if set up correctly. A Virtual Business Number gives you more options, can improve your response times, reduce your costs, and expand your options. We also recommend having an online way to communicate with your customers, then if you are concerned about using your home address for your business you can instead use a virtual office postal address in a great city like Birmingham so that your business address looks prestigious and you also avoid unwanted letters.

If you think a virtual phone number might help your organization, here are just some of the benefits of hanging up on conventional phones.

Increased Privacy While Offering Personalized Service

In some business situations providing a personal phone number can be a good strategy to build trust and demonstrate your personal commitment to helping them. It can, however, bring privacy issues as someone could search for your phone number to get more information about you.

If you are using a personal cell phone or operating a home office, you can use a virtual phone number instead of your private number. With a virtual phone number, calls can still be routed to your cell phone without customers gaining access to your personal phone number.

Virtual Phone Numbers Provide Additional Features

Virtual phones give you access to advanced calling features, including IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call recording, conference calling, time-based routing, call stacking, and voice-mail. You can get advanced calling features that Fortune 500 companies have without significant expense. Many providers offer these features for free as part of the deal. Also, many virtual phone numbers can also support texting. That’s something landlines can’t do.

A virtual phone number may also save on long distance calls. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a cloud-based phone service, with your virtual phone service can save significant amounts of money. There are no more local tolls and no long-distance charges for domestic calls. Most international calls are free as well. Finally, you can also use virtual phone numbers to appear more “local.” If you want to appear to have a local presence, set up virtual phone numbers in all the area codes you serve. With a VoIP system, you can make changes easily through a dashboard. Virtual phone lines with local numbers can be created in more than 100 countries worldwide with virtual number forwarding to any device. If you every need help managing your messages, then consider checking out these texting solutions for small business

Flexible Set Up That Increases Calling Capabilities

With a virtual phone number for business, your options increase. As calls come in, they can be automatically routed to multiple destinations based on customized workflow rules. This can help manage when multiple calls come in or help manage different type of leads.

For example, you could have a single phone number you publish in TV commercials, print ads and business cards, then using technology tools, you can send inbound calls with local area codes to one receiving center, and out of town area codes to a different center. This could help you answer their inquiry or business need faster. Alternatively, if you often have too many calls come in at once, when you use a virtual phone number calls can automatically roll over to another line when unanswered or be routed to other locations.

Also, if you already have a business phone number, you don’t have to start all over. If you already have an established phone number for your business, you can switch to a virtual service and keep your existing number. Your provider can help you port your current number over and turn it into a virtual phone number.

Ditch The Landline

Using a virtual phone number can help your small business grow and better serve your customers. Virtual phone numbers untether your customer service team from a single phone or even a single office and allows the team to work nearly anywhere in the world. Additionally, leveraging different tools, a virtual phone number helps your business create a more professional experience or appear to be local to their area code.

Fortunately, even if your business phone is set up on a landline, you can keep your exact number and transfer it into a virtual landline. With so many added benefits and the ability to keep your current number there are really no downsides to a virtual phone number.

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