Photo Credit: Buck Enni (from Crains)

Photo Credit: Buck Enni (from Crains)

An artist has a tough life. They have a passion to CREATE their art – be it painting, singing, piano or tap dancing. Yet it’s tough to get people to PAY for their art and/or to make a living from it. To know more about the art and artist, check this out blog.

Crains NY writes about this dilemma here.

However, out of the artists profiled the ones who focus on leveraging social media marketing and building content – are winning. To some degree.

“Dina Brodsky, 34, is the rare artist who is making a living from her art while working outside the gallery system. She has built a sustainable business using Instagram, Etsy and, when she took care of her newborn, renting out her studio on Airbnb. “I can control my own career rather than relying on a gallery,” she said. “No one cares about your work as much as you do.””

Instead of just sitting by and waiting for an art gallery to sell her work – she’s using Etsy and Instagram to build a tribe and sell her work directly.

This is a lesson not only for artists – but for small businesses overall.

Social media – is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to build your brand. Leverage it. It’s not easy and it’s not free – it takes your time and most likely buying some advertising – but it can be done. Download my “Social Media 101” presentation here.