Staples & HP Partner on the Latest Innovative Printing Technology for Small Business Owners

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Staples and HP are two brands that are well known to the small business community. Each has a history of finding innovative solutions to help small business owners operate more efficiently, so when I heard that they teamed up with the release of their latest printing technology, I knew that you’d want to hear about it. On May 1, new HP OfficeJet Pro Series printers and HP PageWide printers were launched at Staples  With lower costs and faster speeds, these printers are designed to help you be more productive in the office for easier booklet printing.

Printing technology is sometimes overlooked, but choosing the right printer for your business can greatly improve your operations. Since printers are used so frequently, small differences in costs and speeds add up to big differences over time.

The HP OfficeJet Pro Series

HP officejet

This series of printers is for small business owners who want professional color in a compact, affordable package.

  • Professional-quality color documents will cost you up to 50 percent less per page than laser printers.
  • Employees can also boost productivity with the ability to print from their smartphones and tablets.

There are a number of models in this series. Prices start at $199.99, and they are sold both in-store and online at staple

HP PageWide Printers

hp wideprint

This series of printers is for small business owners who need professional-quality color documents from a printer that delivers exceptional efficiency:

  • In a single pass, you can print professional-quality color documents across any width you need.
  • With just 0.5 second prints, you’ll get record-breaking speed.
  • Other benefits include energy efficiency and exceptional security.

Models in this series start at $499.99, which makes them the lowest total cost of ownership in their class. They are sold online only. Companies nowadays switch business energy suppliers to be able to be energy efficient and lower their costs.

Find the Printing Technology that Fits Your Business Needs

Each of the new offerings is a “series” of printers. This means that you can choose the exact model that will work best for your small business, based on what other specific functions you’ll use and your daily printing needs. Like any other business purchase you make, it’s important that the printing technology you select fits with the needs of your business.

Shopping at Staples has perks as well. Staples Rewards members get up to 5% back on their purchases and free shipping on any HP purchase of $14.99. They also have auto restock programs for your ink and paper so you’ll never run out of these essential office supplies.

By partnering on this latest innovative printing technology, Staples and HP are reaffirming their commitment to the small business community. Your office technology can either hold you back or push your business forward. When you purchase your next printer, don’t underestimate the importance of low costs, fast speeds, and professional quality.

This article was written in partnership with Staples; however, all views expressed are my own.

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