The intelligent use of small business technologies can make or break any company. Ignore the latest tech trends, and you could become obsolete trying to do everything manually. Be an early adopter of every new craze, and you’ll go bankrupt trying to keep up.

So where should you focus your technology integration?

Above all else, focus on revenues.

Ideally, as a business owner, you should spend most of your time on production (of your goods or services) or marketing. Everything else is extraneous and eats into your profits, and if you really want to do a good profit, learning about useful strategies for this like Earnandgo, which is highly influencer network and could really make a difference in the way you make money online.

So take a hard look on where you’re spending your time and resources. Identify the tasks that, if automated, could free you up to do what you do best, which will of course equate to higher revenues.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these three powerful and trusted software services that, if used properly, can equate to more cash for your company.

#1: ClickMeeting

Webinars are an undeniable force for driving sales in today’s world.

The near feverish clamoring that consumers have for video content only adds fuel to the growing application and use of webinar technology by a myriad of established brands.

Since webinars are so effective at helping to educate consumers and convert them into full-fledged customers, webinar providers like ClickMeeting are an excellent resource to help a business pull in some extra cash.

ClickMeeting recently released a free eBook  which outlines numerous ways that a business can leverage webinar technology to drive sales; the perfect guide for anyone looking to leverage the monetary benefits of this technique.

ClickMeeting’s platform provides users with an assortment of features that assist brands in appearing professional, engaging audiences, and collecting the insights needed to attain better results with each subsequent broadcast.

With a ton of presentation tools, customized invitations, webinar recording options, in-depth analytics, and a host of other prosperous elements, this is an ideal platform for leveraging your thought leadership into an additional revenue stream.

#2: Famebit

Famebit, recently acquired by Google, is an influencer marketing platform where marketers can acquire some of the most impactful social authorities for a campaign.

You don’t need to just run a traditional influencer campaign with these folks. As ClickMeeting points out in the eBook, you can also gather these experts for a guest speaking webinar:

“Many businesses or entrepreneurs pay big bucks to get an expert to teach their audience what the business offers and how to grow an area of business or succeed with a product.”

Using this platform, however, you are likely to pay far less than through direct outreach efforts. And considering that influencer marketing delivers a higher ROI than most other tactics, it’s safe to assume that you will earn your money back and then some.

To get started, users simply need to create a campaign in which they select the platforms they wish to target; options include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Next, choose the type of content your brand desires – review, unboxing, tutorial, etc. – set up your campaign details, choose your audience specs and budget, and submit for influencers so influencers can start bidding.

This tool is easy to use and can help your business prosper in a multitude of ways.

#3: Affiliate Window

Affiliate marketing programs are an excellent source of income for blogs, and brands that are struggling to make ends meet.

Affiliate Window is one of the most popular affiliate networks and touts more than 1,600 brands across 11 global territories and an ocean of products to promote.

When combined with webinar technologies, ClickMeeting has found this marriage to be a powerful force:

“If you’re an affiliate offering a product or a service provided by someone else, offer it in a sales webinar – without sounding like you’re pitching, of course. Take the role of a recommendation genius and apply it in a webinar setting, and you’ve got the easiest money-making machine in the world!”

The tool features a robust analytics platform that allows affiliates to view real-time reports featuring click rates, commission earned, and other vital data points.

In 2016 alone, Affiliate Window claims to have generated over $6.7 billion for its clients – this equates to a pretty decent chunk of change for the advertisers as well.

These tools are excellent additions to any entrepreneur’s toolkit as each possesses its own unique revenue-generating capabilities. If you need more inspiration for how to use technology to generate webinars, the eBook is chalk-full of additional ideas.