13 game-changing iPhone X and iOS 11 hacks for marketing your small business

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Part of the fun of getting a new iPhone is learning all the new hacks for preserving your precious battery life, taking best photos, and more. We all love our iPhones and the way they make our lives easier, faster, and just plain fun. Looking for iphone repair then visit flower mound location.  You can count on Puls to fix cracked screens and other common problems.

But iPhones also make our jobs easier, and that’s especially true if you’re trying to market your business yourself. Here are our top iPhone X and iOS 11 tricks for new marketers.

1. QR code scanning

Don’t call it a comeback, but the new iPhone X camera comes equipped to scan and read QR codes.

Just point your camera at the QR code and it will ask you if you want to open it in Safari. Since users no longer need a standalone app for QR codes, marketers can return to using them in their promotion efforts. Let customers unlock special coupons in-store or access exclusive content at events with a quick scan on their camera.

2. Live Photo effects

Swiping up on a Live Photo opens a menu to create loop, bounce, and long exposure effects. These fun features let marketers create repetitive GIFs, images that bounce back and forth, or long exposure photos that look like a professional took them.

You’ll have no problem finding these when you’re ready to share them to social media, since iOS 11 now saves GIFs to a new “Animated” album where they play like GIFs instead of sitting there like boring still images. Live Photos are also automatically turned into GIFs whenever you share them via email, and you can trim the beginning and end from the edit screen.

3. Portrait Mode

While it was made for selfies, the new Portrait Mode is perfect for product photos as well. The depth effect brings your product into the foreground while blurring everything else.

Everyone who loves a good two-for-one deal will be happy to hear that both the normal version and the Portrait Mode version are saved to your Photos app . Just click on “DEPTH” at the top of the viewing screen to toggle between versions.


4. Camera level

Take better downward- or upward-facing shots with the camera’s new built-in level. Turning this feature on adds crosshairs to your screen so photos of food, products, and more are perfectly straight and look even more professional. Go to Settings > Camera and switch “Grid” to on.

No word yet on a hack to get your phone’s shadow out of the picture.

camera level

5. Storage space

Unfortunately, all this improved camera functionality means heavier files. And taking a ton of photos creates a lot of files. Fortunately, the new iOS 11 conveniently shows you your biggest storage culprits and provides recommendations for freeing up space on your phone.

Go to Settings > Camera > Formats > High Efficiency. The new High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) settings compress your files in half – freeing up valuable space on your phone, while ensuring fast load times for media on your website.

6. Screenshot editing menu

Apple finally recognized that when people take a screenshot, they often want to do something with them right then and there. When you take a screenshot on iOS 11, a thumbnail of the screenshot instantly appears in the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap it to open the new screenshot editing window, where you can mark it up with highlights and doodles in different colors and pen sizes.

You can also keep taking multiple screenshots in rapid succession for bulk editing and the one in the left corner won’t be included. This is a lot easier than having to navigate to your photos, and the editing options cater to the reasons why people take screenshots in the first place.

What does all this functionality mean for you? Content creators can easily develop tutorial and blog content and mark it up straight from their phone, rather than having to upload the photos and edit them using desktop software. This saves time and money, while creating wholly original image content. Social marketers can have fun with this feature, asking fans to take screenshots using their app and mark them up in various ways.

screen shot editing

7. Save PDFs

If you like those screenshot editing features, you’ll love this: You can now create PDFs from webpages, and open them up for annotation just like screenshots. Then you can save them to the new Files app (formerly iCloud Drive) which syncs across iCloud on all your devices.

Next time your team is working on a new mobile landing page, you can send your feedback back to the development and design teams straight from Safari on your iPhone.

8. Scan documents

Likewise, you can now scan documents from the Notes app to instantly convert them for text editing. From within a new note, click the + button, then Scan Documents. The new Notes app also includes additional formatting options and the ability to add tables.

9. Screen recording

Infopreneurs and content marketers alike will love iOS 11’s new screen recording feature. Easily create tutorial content and illustrate how to do something in your app by recording your iPhone screen. Long-press to enable your phone’s microphone, and you can speak while you record, too.

Like Live Photos, you can trim the beginning and ends of screen recording from the editing screen. If you plan on using this feature a lot, add it to your Control Center from Settings for quick access.

10. More multitouch gestures

Tablets like the Microsoft Surface have given the Apple iPad a run for its money in recent years. New features in the iPad are addressing that. The Slide Over functionality lets you have one app floating over another while both remain in focus, similar to the Mac desktop experience.

On both the iPhone and iPad, you can drag and drop things now, too. Transfer multiple files from the Files app to email, or quickly organize images into different albums.

Source: Business Insider

11. Shareable wifi passwords

Any device running iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra can now share wifi passwords with nearby devices over the air. This opens up possibilities for taking meetings in your home or small business and running them smoothly, without painstakingly trying to correctly type in your long and complicated wifi password.

Source: Gadget Hacks

12. App Store marketing

In iOS 11, Apple redesigned the App Store in their effort to make apps great again. With fun new ways to browse and explore the App Store, users should have no problem discovering new apps, especially considering all the new options marketers have for promoting their app.

There’s a new app subtitle field where you can include keywords to make the app more searchable and persuade people to download. There’s also a new 170-character promotional text field that can be updated at any time, with or without a new version of your app. In addition to screenshots, app marketers can now add three 30-second videos to show their app in action. With the new screencasting capabilities, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create these videos.

13. Lifetime app ratings

App developers who have experienced tanking app ratings due to a single bad update can breathe a sigh of relief. The App Store now shows the overall average rating for an app, instead of resetting it with each new update.

Speaking of ratings, they’re also easier to get now. Before iOS 11, users had to leave the app in order to give you a rating. Now, you can prompt users up to three times a year to submit a rating, and they can do it from within your app.


iOS 11 and iPhone X have a lot to offer marketers, especially on small or one-person teams. If you’re looking for a great place to get your phone repaired, check out iPhone Repairs Sydney.

Showcase your product in just the right light, thanks to a new and improved camera that delivers higher-quality, professional-level photos and videos. Easily collaborate with others using features like screencasting, document scanning, and multitouch gestures. Explore new marketing opportunities with QR codes and the App Store.

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