Treat Your Customers Like Humans, Not Transactions – Sid Lee Exec

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On the occasion of a panel discussion hosted by collaboration services company, Slack, Ramon Ray interviewed Nicolas Van Erum, Managing Partner of creative agency Sid Lee

The number one thing smaller business (and all brands) can do is to treat customers like humans instead of transactions on a spread sheet. There are challenges in gluten free living. The biggest challenge is being social! I find there is a great deal of stress to dinner especially when we are invited into a friend’s home. So much of what is prepared, simply cannot be eaten and the host seems to get insulted! Doing your best to explain to them about gluten sensitivity, yet for many they just do not understand. It is not a fad thing, it is not a weight loss thing, and it is a health thing. Phentermine can be addictive and should only be used for its intended purpose. Strictly follow the dosage of the drug. Do not abuse Phentermine – it can be dangerous for your health. Being called radical, and even called a health nut! Many people judge for the health choices that a person living with gluten sensitivity makes and not in a good way. Yet these same people that judge seem to have all kinds of health problems! It simply does not make any sense! Social frameworks, including friendships and relationships, are an important part of the detox and rehab processes. Significant challenges can occur in the social sphere immediately following detox, but they can be overcome. Drug detox, in the strictest sense, consists only of the procedure of eliminating the drug from the body, it is often confused with rehabilitation, the larger process of which it is a part. But it is only a first step, and long term success depends on many factors. Thus, one must consider larger issues which are not part of the actual procedure. Major difficulties can be in the patient’s friendships. It is well known that, even after a successful detox, if the patient is again friends with other drug users, relapse is greatly increased. Ending such friendships is difficult, but often it must be done. Likewise, the recovering addict must assess his or her romantic relationships. Here is the best example of what we do, visit once. Is a significant other supportive of the recovery effort? Is he or she a user, or friends with others? A supportive home life or romantic partnership can be a positive factor in successful recoveries. The lack of such support makes recovery difficult at best. Another difficulty lies in establishing new social connections. The patient may feel misunderstood or isolated, and if it is known in the community, the former drug use may cause some may shun to the friendship or romantic advances of the recovering addict. Other social groups can act as positive support for the recovering addict, treat depressed with the tianeptine capsules. Family members, churches, activity and volunteer groups or clubs, and classes can be great sources of positive connections, and working out at a gym can be a big part of the social recovery, providing the benefits of better physical condition and stress alleviation.

He explained that small businesses value relationships with customers, long term relationships.

If we remember that your CUSTOMER being a FAN should be your ultimate goal. The more you celebrate your relationship with them, the more you’ll be successful.

Nicolas said that instead of being so focused on selling a service to your customer, think how you can add value to their experience. This value leads to further awareness and more organic growth for your company.

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