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Technology around us is constantly evolving. Every time you turn around, there is a new gadget or gizmo to help keep us connected to the web and social worlds we live in. It should really come as no surprise that Facebook is unveiling the latest and greatest of smart devices. Facebook Portal is their upcoming product that will soon hit the market.

Many question what exactly this new device is capable of, what features the device may offer to increase information security, and how this device may benefit small business owners. As a tool for video networking, Facebook Portal could be the new ‘it’ item hitting the market soon. We investigated what Facebook Portal is, its importance, how it’s being received, and how it stacks up with the competition.

What is Facebook Portal?

Facebook Portal is a smart device that is equipped with a camera. The purpose of the Facebook Portal is to stay connected via video messaging anywhere. No longer would you be tied to your phone or have to worry about a small frame for video messaging. Facebook Portal would serve as a standalone device that allows you to connect with people through Facebook Messenger.

Anyone that has Messenger could be contacted using Facebook Portal, even if they do not have Portal themselves. Portal also acts as a smart device, allowing you to use it for streaming, photo and video display, and functions available through Alexa.

How Important is Facebook Portal?

Facebook Portal is offering a new platform for video messaging that allows you to connect with people without typing on your mobile device. Additionally, Portal has a larger video frame, allowing you to capture everything you need in the frame while video messaging. This could become important in the business world for any necessary charts or examples to be shown during a video meeting.

Should Businesses Consider Using Portal?

Portal could be a very useful tool for small businesses out there. If your small business is social media based, Facebook Portal could be even more useful. While not the same as Live, Portal would allow you to connect one on one with your clients via Messenger for business meetings and conversations. Facebook Portal has the potential to make business easier and more efficient for those who utilize video messaging as an important tool for their marketing and networking.

How does it Measure up to Competition?

Many may question how Facebook Portal measures up to the competition of social platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting. While a small business would need to evaluate which platform works the best for their clientele and business set up, Facebook Portal is an actual device that frees up your phone or computer for other aspects of a business meeting. Additionally, Facebook Portal can offer the functions available through Alexa for the sake of business questions or details as well.

Facebook Portal is a device that functions through the social media platform, and should not be considered one and the same with the social platform itself. Instead, remember that it’s the device being used for the video messaging.

What are People Saying?

Facebook Portal isn’t coming to light without its share of controversy. Many are questioning just how secure the information shared over Portal may be following the data breach that Facebook was in the middle of not too long ago. In September, the data breach exposed the personal information of 29 million people. The announcement of a smart device so soon after this breach has users questioning the safety of their personal information.

To add to the controversy is the fact that executives with Facebook can’t fully disclose what type of data will or will not be collected using the portal. This is because it has become unclear as to what data will be collected. With a back and forth on that information, it is clear why some potential users may be skeptical. While certain information collection is to be expected, with the majority of Facebook revenue coming from ads and the like, users can’t help but question whether or not more information than they bargained for will be in jeopardy.

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