5 Ways Businesses Can Use Customer Data

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Data collection has become a priority for businesses small and large. Thanks to technologies that both capture and analyze data, businesses have a greater ability to draw new insights from the data they gather. Customer data is an area of focus that examines consumer behavior and predictive analytics. Take a look at these 5 ways your small business can use customer data.


Improve the customer experience

Many small businesses use data capture tools to better understand and subsequently meet the demands of their customers. Analyzing customer behavior and paying attention to reviews and feedback allows businesses to modify their presence online and alter products and services to best suit the marketplace. There are many secrets to good customer service, and one of those is using what you learn about customers to cater to their wants and needs and improve the shoppers experience.


Refine the marketing strategy

Contextualized data allows businesses to grasp how consumers engage with and respond to marketing campaigns, then make adjustments accordingly. This will give you what you need to know to ensure you offer consumers what they want. Marketing is evolving and now focuses on personalization. Businesses today need to personalize the customer journey on websites and social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Segmenting data effectively will allow you to market to the people who are more likely to engage with your content. Keep in mind that fewer more profitable customers is the key to growth.


Make smarter business decisions

Businesses that utilize data gathering also profit from it. A survey by Helical IT found that relying on data to make a decision instead of intuition boosts the chances of success by 79 percent. This means that the implementation of a data collection process allows a business to make decisions based on data. Once you have a system up and running, the quantity and quality of data the business will collect over the years will influence its sustainability and competitive advantage.


Boost sales

Customer behavior data is so important today. This is why your business needs to glean valuable data to better understand your customer. When you can identify your customer’s buying preferences, you will increase conversions and drive revenue.


Optimize pricing

Pricing is often a challenge when introducing products. When you price items too high, you can drive customers away. Pricing them too low can negatively impact your profit margins and even skew the customer perception.

This is why you should use data from your CRP to segment your customers by different price points. It allows you to narrow down the ideal price range based on the group’s behavior, demand and price tolerance. When you combine internal and external data points, you’ll be armed with the insights you need to determine the optimal pricing structure to maximize your sales potential.

Before the digital age, traditional one-way mass marketing communication was a thing. The customer experience and personalization didn’t really matter. However, in today’s customer-centric world, our customers expect more. By using customer data, you can learn more about the customer and use the information to better your marketing strategy and increase sales.

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