How to Use Facebook Stories to Increase Engagement

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The recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms have made it difficult for businesses to stay at the top of users’ feeds. The current algorithms prioritizes content from local news sources and friends and family. But there is a new opportunity to get your business content seen on Facebook with Stories.

What is a Story?

Facebook Stories allow you to share photos and short videos to tell a “story.” Instagram and Snapchat have been using similar features for a while now. Facebook Stories are a relatively new frontier and aren’t yet seeing as much participation from the general user population. However, this is good news for you as a small business owner! Business content has a lower viewing priority on Facebook feeds. Start using Stories to get your content front and center. Literally. Stories are located at the top of a Facebook users’ feeds (mobile and desktop) making it the first thing your customers see. This prime real estate has the potential to increase engagement and should not be overlooked in your marketing strategy.

What are the Benefits?

The Risk is Low

While you have to pay to boost your content on users’ Facebook feeds, you don’t have to spend a penny to use Stories. You can test and try what works for your brand using Stories and see what kind of impact it has compared to posting on your feed.

The Limit Does Not Exist

There is no limit on how much or how often you can share promotional content in Stories. Facebook Business even recommends using Stories to compliment your feed.

“If you’ve already shared content to your Page or are currently running a Page ad, creating a…story can help you become more active and engaging with your audience by providing a different type of media to enjoy and connect with.”

So, go to town and share away!

Build Connections

A Professional like Gavin Wood can advise you, how Facebook Stories gives your business a way to connect with customers organically. You can more easily build trust and brand loyalty through the use of video marketing. Stories allow followers to stay up to date with what you’re doing behind the scenes. It can really make your business more personal and allow your Facebook followers to feel like they are part of your community and the experience. People love to feel like they are part of the story and Facebook Stories allows you to provide that to your customers.

Event Stories

Since people like to be part of the story, why not let them contribute to your Facebook Story? Stories can also be used in Group and Event pages and members can contribute to the story. So, if you are holding a launch party for a new product, customers invited to the event can share content to Stories right from the event. Your customers are doing the marketing for you!

Free Insight

Facebook allows you to see who is viewing your Stories. You can use this data to optimize targeting and adjust your efforts. Then, sit back and watch your followers and engagement grow.

In an age where video is marketing gold, don’t pass up to the opportunity to cash in on Facebook Stories. This more familiar and informal way of communicating with your customers through video will provide them with the experiential marketing they are looking for. It is also a fantastic supplement to the more traditional marketing tool of posting on your Facebook feed.

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