If you use Snagit as your go-to screen capture app, you are in for some good news. The best screen-capturing tool got even better. Millions of people use Snagit to capture and record images on their computer screens. The images are then used  share visual information for personal and business purposes. 

In October, the popular app was upgraded to meet the requests and needs of users. Snagit already distinguishes itself from similar apps with its ability to edit images and record a screen. With the latest features, Snagit stands alone in the screen capture marketplace. Here you will get the best video converter software to change file formats.

The newest features of this impressive app give users the ability to

  • Combine images
  • Designate favorite tools
  • Search for stamps, icons, symbols, and cursors to place on images
  • Use a simplify tool

Combining images for easy training and learning

Snagit is a popular tool with anyone who trains or teaches using a distance learning model. Snagit allows teachers and trainers to record videos of their screens so their students and trainees can see exactly what to do with their computers. Now that users can combine images, trainers can easily showcase a step-by-step process by putting several screen captures into one convenient image.

Build a collection of favorite tools

Instead of searching for your favorite tools, keep them all in one place in what the Snagit app calls “Favorites”. This simple change adds efficiency to the app allowing users to get the job done faster than ever before. 

Search for the stamp you want

Another popular feature in the Snagit app is the impressive number of pre-made stamps. With nearly 2000 available for users, it can be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for  – until the upgrade and redesign. Now, you can search and browse the stamps to find the cursor, icon, symbol, or other images that you want to add to your production. All you have to do is use keywords and the matching stamps will appear.

Keeping it simple

The new Simplify feature is designed to keep your content up to date by converting your screenshots into simplified graphics. As technology changes, so does the quality of a screencast. They quickly become outdated, but with the Simplify tool, your videos remain timely because Snagit changes your screen into an abstract version with a color scheme of your choice. You can use the Simplify feature to hide elements you don’t want your viewers to see or you can have the Simplify tool do all of the work automatically. This tool could quickly become the one you love the most.

These new upgrades have made a favorite app even better. It comes as no surprise that Snagit won The Top Screen and Video Capture Software in 2018 from the G2 Crowd. With Snagit working seamlessly with Microsoft’s suite of apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and more, it will continue to be a favorite with users everywhere.