6 Benefits for Attracting Talent You Weren’t Thinking About

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As a small business owner, nothing is more important than the makeup of your team. While big corporations have seemingly unlimited resources to draw from, startups have to make as big an impact with a much smaller workforce. The only way to do that is by hiring the right people with the help of a staffing agency, but if the reason you are hiring new staff is because you had to let go a few of you employees, then make sure to contact a non compete contract investigator to make sure they don’t break the contract they have previously signed. 

To nab the right hires, you need to draw them in first. It’s common knowledge that higher salaries and generous retirement plans are big factors in attracting top talent. But there are likely other key benefits flying under your radar.

However, don’t underestimate DBS checks as a way to make a secure hire that would benefit your business instead of damaging it.

If you’re hoping to gain an edge in the hiring process, you need to think outside the box when it comes to what you offer. Here are a few things you can implement:

1. Flexible working environment

If it wasn’t clear before, COVID-19 has made it so: Workers need the option to work as they please to be successful. Top employees have long wanted flexibility in their roles. Nowadays, flexibility means more than just adding an extra couple of vacation days. It means establishing an entire remote work culture for your business.

The most talented workers want to know their employer trusts them, and there’s no greater sign of trust in business than allowing your teammates to work when and where they please. A flexible work policy isn’t just something that benefits your workers: Employees who operate outside the office do an additional 1.4 day’s worth of work every month compared to their deskbound counterparts.

2. Job-related tech

As more businesses allow vast sections of their workforce to work from home, a new problem arises: Few have tech in their home offices as powerful as the tech in their actual office. While this might not be a huge roadblock, your designers and engineers need both cutting-edge hardware and software to do their jobs effectively. 

As far as benefits go, this one is pretty simple: Give your workers the tech you want them to have, or allow them to buy it. Shopify recently made headlines by giving each of its employees $1,000 to outfit their home offices with the necessary tools. No matter your method, make it clear to prospective employees that you’ll give them what they need to be successful. 

3. Transportation refunds

Once your offices reopen, employees will quickly be reminded of the additional expenses of commuting. On average, getting to work on time costs Americans as much as $2,600 annually — a hefty figure.

Depending on where your business is located, providing for transportation may be as simple as giving your employees free public transportation cards or reimbursing mileage. Some startups have even invested in private shuttles for their employees. However, most companies find that paying for gas money better fits their budget.

4. Local business discounts

No company wants to sit in a tower far above the city — businesses need to play a part in their city’s development and growth. One of the best ways to integrate your company within its community is to partner with other local businesses to offer mutual discounts to your employees.

Creating a network of companies in your area that offer employee discounts not only increases your involvement in your city’s small business scene, but it can also invite a whole new group of customers. Offering discounts is also a great way to develop partnerships with other businesses. Those partnerships could become extremely lucrative down the line. 

5. Fitness classes

There’s no denying the benefits of exercise on personal health, but it can also have an outsized impact on the strength of your business. Employees that regularly exercise are 15% more likely to have higher job performance than their sedentary co-workers. 

While you can simply offer gym memberships to workers, doing so is a missed opportunity. Instead, consider organizing collective fitness classes for your team. Not only will they keep everyone healthy, but they can also offer a valuable opportunity for team bonding and morale development. 

6. Volunteering opportunities

As Millennials make up a greater portion of the workforce, it’s important to cater to their demands as workers. Nearly half of Millennials volunteer for a cause they believe in every single month. That means they’re gravitating toward employers who allow them to do so.

Salesforce offers its employees seven days of paid volunteer time every year; more businesses are following suit. By fostering workers’ passions, you’re gaining their trust and ensuring they come to work every day prepared to further your mission.

It’s not always easy to know what top talent wants. While every employee is different, putting some thought into the benefits you offer will help attract the attention of the best employees — and get them working for you as soon as possible.

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