6 Areas Besides Sales and Marketing Where Automation Wins

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Automation is the future. Companies that implement it are more profitable, efficient, and stable. This makes automation a no-brainer for any company looking to get ahead, or to bolster its organization after being shaken up by COVID-19.

Until now, most companies have only relied on automation for sales and marketing. Automatic sales and marketing campaigns free up a lot of time and resources for content creation and other internal departments.

With that said, automation can do so much for your business. Just take a look at this list:


In the digital age, your business likely uses a number of programs and online tools, not to mention the list of automation that you might be implementing soon after reading this. Wouldn’t it be great if all of those tools were built into one? While there’s no one-tool-fits-all, you can use automation to put your programs in better sync together.

Companies can use an iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, to build integrations between their programs. For example, you can set up your team’s communication software to automatically upload shared files and images to your email. 

Simple steps like these save a lot of time in the long run, and can be completely customized to fit your company’s needs. Start with a few integrations and then build up as you get the hang of the process. The more tasks that can be automated, the more focus that can be diverted to larger and more complicated projects.


Humans have to keep track of a lot of bills, payments, and card information. Miss a payment because of the complicated mess of finances, and an unfortunate penalty will ensue. Automation not only makes it easier for businesses to receive payments, but for customers to keep their finances in check.

Automated payment software takes recurring payments as they are due. This is helpful for companies that work off of subscriptions, or those that provide monthly services, such as utilities for house cleaning. As long as there are sufficient funds in the account for withdrawal, the process is as simple as can be for both parties. 

More complicated payments can be automated as well. A company that uses contracts to bind sales can use digital signatures to automatically gather commitments from customers online. Set up an entire sales system this way, and deals can be signed, sealed, and delivered in no time. 

Hiring and Recruiting

The recruiting process is long and expensive. Choosing a candidate from a pool of hundreds is a daunting undertaking. Luckily for HR managers and recruiters, automation can improve this process as well.

Algorithms can scan resumes, picking out keywords, alma maters, and work history in seconds. This organizes candidates quickly and effectively, allowing recruiters to narrow down their selections as soon as resumes are submitted.

The one drawback to automatic resume scanning is that some programs rely too heavily on keywords. You could overlook an incredible candidate who simply doesn’t have the experience of your other applicants — but does have the soft skills needed to develop quickly and remain loyal to the organization. With this automation, be sure to give outputs a second glance.


If your business isn’t incorporating data into its strategy, you’re already a step behind the competition. Data is gold in today’s business landscape, providing insights that can transform your organization into an efficiency powerhouse.

The amount of data your business produces each day is astounding. In fact, it’s practically impossible to scour through it by hand and pick out anything you can use. To take advantage of your data, you need automated tools.

Automations such as ETL tools extract data automatically. They use triggers to transform and load the information into storage systems for your viewing pleasure. Use this data to define target audiences, tweak supply chains, and even alter product prices.

Customer Service

Seventy percent of customers will stop doing business with a company due to a poor service experience. With that in mind, your customer service strategy should be important to you. The better you care for your customers, the higher your retention rates and the more referrals you’ll get.

Some large corporations run an entire office of customer service agents who field calls and messages all day. Small businesses typically can’t afford that. They can only answer questions in person or when someone is available to respond.

For companies large and small, automation can bridge the gap. Setting up a customer service bot on your website is simple. This bot can answer frequently asked questions and direct customers to the products and pages they’re looking for. This simple addition will boost your customer service around the clock.

Data Security

Bank robberies are so 1800s. Today, you need to be on the lookout for hackers and pirates that try to attack you from the inside. Digital information is extremely valuable and much easier to swipe.

Even with a dedicated IT team, your security posture could benefit from any help it can get. Automations like firewalls thwart attacks around the clock. Breach notifications can point out problems the moment they occur. 

Are you sold on automation yet? Give it a try. Start with iPaas to streamline your workflow. Then, try out automations that can revamp your strategy and security. You won’t be sorry.

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