5 Examples of How Technology Positively Impacts Project Management

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Whether you’re a fan of technology or a Luddite (one who resists techie advancements), the fact remains that we are now experiencing technological breakthroughs every day. The rising trends in artificial intelligence (AI), cybernetics, industrial science, and engineering are here to stay and hi-tech is only going to get more intense in the future.

Even if you tend to shirk from this reality, it’s a good idea to ponder how new technology affects SMBS, project management, and even influences daily life on a global scale. Here are a few observations about how technology can make a positive impact on business, leadership, and management.

Technology Enhances Communication

If you’re not privy to the days before cellular phones, then you’re blissfully unaware of how communications were a major struggle in terms of conducting seamless business transactions in the past. Nowadays, with the advancement of satellite signals and technology, communication is a breeze. Even international communication is so much easier with resources like VoIP (voice-over IP or internet) and video chats online.

Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and brainstorming with a team is tremendously more convenient now in this techno-centric age. To illustrate, cloud-based platforms make it effortless to share with team members instantly, while other members on the same project can also edit or interject their thoughts about the design or proposal.

Technology has dramatically revolutionized how we communicate today and has made our jobs remarkably easier and faster in achieving results in leadership and business management.

Technology Supports Better Team Collaboration

Back in the old days, a new project was tackled in the boardroom where everybody gathered over doughnuts and coffee to communicate the trajectory and progress of various assignments. There’s nothing wrong with that model, and it can still be effective.

However, thanks to advancements in technology, work collaborations and communication are now easier than ever.

The invention and development of specialized project management software enable managers and co-workers to communicate on the same platform. Many of these platforms are extremely diverse, allowing teams to send videos, images, links, and direct messages to team leaders and members.  All of this has proven to streamline team meetings and make exchanges about projects far easier than old-school boardroom gatherings.

Efficient Data Collection And Progress Tracking

Project management software has also revolutionized how data is analyzed to assess which assignments are on track and which ones need more resources to thrive. Before technological advancements, collecting data about projects and reviewing their progress meant sorting through a mountain of charts and documents.

Now with cutting-edge tech, a manager has all the information at his or her fingertips and can make educated decisions about any project at the touch of a button.

Technology Solving Global Problems

When it comes to problem-solving, technology has proven to be a leader in rendering solutions regarding global concerns. Consider eco-friendly options now available to address the energy crises such as solar panels or wind turbines.

These advanced energy sources are based on technology and wean the world off fossil fuels which have been blamed for devastating global damages. Consequently, these techno-based solutions have facilitated a much-needed environmentally conscious edict within the business management realm.

Another example of leadership in modern advancements can be observed in the transportation industry. In the old days, carbon emissions during our commutes to work were a major concern for our environment.

Nowadays, technologically-driven innovations in transportation have made our reliance upon fossil fuels far less urgent. Inventions such as the Tesla electric car and the Tesla model 3 charger offer better hope for sustainability. Especially as these resources reduce carbon emissions and lessen the negative effects of global warming.

Economical Business Solutions

In many ways, technology has provided solutions that are discernibly more economical than the old ways. For example, making a simple phone call from Dallas to London used to cost a fortune before the advent of communication over the internet.

Even an act as simple as sending documents overseas was a huge financial burden on businesses before email and PDFs came on the scene.  Before the availability of online chats and video sessions, meeting with partners and associates meant expensive business trips.

Furthermore, training an international crew of new talent in the company implied costly per diems and travel expenses for any business in the days before hi-tech and high-speed internet.

Now we can adequately get business partners and team members updated with just a few clicks of a mouse. These may seem like antiquated examples. But they are valid illustrations of how the advancement in technology has influenced our ability to manage more effectively and economically.

In conclusion, embracing technology can make a big difference when you want to lead with efficacy and efficiency in your business or team objectives.

If you’re one to shy away from technology, hopefully, these insights can open your eyes as to how tech has (and will continue) to influence our lives in the business world in positive ways.  

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