Top Tech Companies of 2023

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Today’s word: technology. Scrap that, this “ages” word: still technology. I’m not sure there is any one word that can ever designate a set “age” or period of time. Yet, if there was ever a time that technology felt like it was ever hitting its stride and beginning to broach the realm of classical science fiction that would be now. The internet’s a thing, Bluetooth’s a thing. Heck, even the jetpack kind of exists. Which begs the question, in the supposed age of tech, who is doing tech best? In this list, we will break down the top tech companies of 2023. Also, we will predict their future in the market going into 2024 and beyond.

What Companies Are in the Technology Field

Alphabet Inc.

Let’s start off this list with a company nobody’s heard of. When Google restructured itself, back in 2015, Alphabet Inc. was created to be the parent company of the setup. That means Google, Gmail, YouTube, all of it. Alphabet Inc. is the umbrella it falls under. This multinational conglomerate company is valued at 1,581.72 Billion. It is stationed in Mountain View, California, and among its numerous subsidiaries hosts over 156,000 employees.

However that in and of itself does not qualify it as a tech giant worthy in standing amongst some of the best, let’s list the Alphabet subsidiaries and touch on their respective fields:

Google – Internet Services

Google Fiber – Internet Access

Deep Mind – Artificial Intelligence

Intrinsic – Robotics Software

Waymo – Autonomous Driving

Wing – Drone Based Delivery

Calico – Human Health

Verily – Human Health

CapitalG – Venture Capital

GV – Venture Capital

X Development – “Moonshot” Technologies

Yes, you read that last one correctly. “Moonshot Technologies” are essentially described as major problems addressed through a utilitarian, radical solution. X Development is quoted as a semi-secret lab aimed at the research and development of such technologies. Google’s self-driving car incited the inception of the lab that became this.

With all these conglomerated technologies: AI, internet services, massive databases, autonomous automation, and a literal Johnny Quest-style laboratory, this is surely a tech company to watch – particularly its subsidiaries, into the future.


Valued at around 2,604.32 billion, Apple has revolutionized technology and the world with its take on the smartphone. There are also their tablet technologies and Apple continues to improve upon them with its 1,608,000 employees. Their specialty is in electronics and software. Additionally, they boast other online services.

Last year, Apple claimed a 2.3 trillion valuation boosting its worth over Meta, Amazon, and Alphabet combined. All other giants on this very list.

As a business that deals in the invention of electronics and its software there is little doubt that Apple has a competitive edge in the product generation market. Besides the hardline-backed necessity of tangible merit, their footing in app development and both TV and News services provide them a competitive edge over simply logistic-based operations.


Little understood about Amazon is the immense weight that is placed upon its algorithm. The 1,468.4 billion dollar company started as an online market, with an implementation of the aforementioned algorithm. However, over time Amazon Web Services and their Prime Logistics feature have carried them into both vertical and horizontal market expansion.

Amazon, like other tech giants, has brought research and development into autonomous driving, their car being Zoox. While this could be expected to work in tandem with their logistics services, it is said that Amazon intends to do this to rival Uber and Lyft in competition with rideshare services.


Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. 499.86 billion. While it has been fumbling in recent memory, Meta is a tech giant that deals particularly in data and analytics. Beyond this, these services hold massive stock in the marketing space with Facebook and Instagram respectively holding the top two spots for digital marketing as of 2023.

The “Metaverse” itself has largely been deemed a joke, however, it also serves as an interesting case study as the technology trudges along. With Web3 in discussion and the advent of NFTs and other similar decentralized happenings, if these were to come to pass it could boost the Metaverse into public consciousness and give Zuckerberg and Meta a once again stranglehold monopoly within the new space.


While not as flashy, or seemingly as modern as many of the other tech companies on this list, Microsoft has remained in the public consciousness since 1975. Consumer electronics and consumer software leave it with a similar background to Apple. And with its acquisition of LinkedIn, it has a social media presence as well – the third best for digital marketing, in fact.

Unlike other tech giants, it has focused on largely retaining its lane and staying within the general consensus of its core space. Its MS Office features are integral to many companies, businesses, and individuals alike across the planet.


There it is, the electric car company housing over 110,000 employees and 650.10 billion in total market value is unsurprisingly another tech company to keep on the brain within the foreseeable future. The company’s focus is on car automation and car functionality.

This leads to the development and integration of “smaller” technologies into the “bigger” picture of the vehicle. Regardless of whether that is working in conjunction with SolarCity. In intent to navigate toward renewables, or simply Tesla’s own self-driving efforts. Anything that falls under Elon Musk’s umbrella is certainly something to pay due note to as pieces are often linked within each other like looking at an aerial view of a puzzle constructed in pieces over multiple elevations.

In addition to cars and solar integrations, Tesla develops general electric battery production and research. Similarly, the car manufacturer works in the software space by designing multiple programs and interfaces within the realm of self-piloting vehicles and camera recognition and AI software.

Across the board, there are a lot of multi-billion dollar tech companies all vying for clear market dominance in the “tech” space. This all diversifies and branches out in its own specific and nuanced ways, however ultimately the key point and takeaway is, as a good rule of thumb; look at all the technology companies that are doing essentially the same thing.

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