Are You Tracking Your KPI Metrics? New Staples Quick Wins KPI App Can Help

Are You Tracking Your KPI Metrics? New Staples Quick Wins KPI App Can Help

Are you currently tracking your KPI metrics? If you said no (and if you don’t even know what KPI stands for) then you’re not alone. KPI stands for key performance indicator, and a recent Staples survey found that more than half of business owners aren’t tracking these important business metrics as often as they should. […]

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Smart Hustle Recap – Valentine’s Day Marketing, Upcoming Tech Twitter Chat & More

We’re back for another addition of the Smart Hustle Recap, a regular feature on SmallBizTechnology where we look at the latest articles on Smart Hustle with links so you can explore your favorite stories. This week we’ve got articles that touch on all your favorite small business topics – marketing, technology, and sales. Our two […]

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Should You Switch to a Standing Desk? A Look at the Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

Standing desks are a current fad sweeping offices and schools across the country. However, surprisingly enough, standing desks aren’t new at all. The history of standing desks dates back to the 1400s and in the 18th and 19th century they became especially popular among the rich. Several famous people throughout history have used standing desks, […]

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How Can You Keep Your Tech Working Better? A Tech Evangelist’s 7 Useful Tips To Help

Busy professionals rely on their computers and mobile devices to do business. Even one sudden glitch can seriously derail a businessperson’s day, getting in the way of completing work and potentially cutting off communication with customers. For that reason, it’s essential that professionals keep their technology in top shape at all times. We’ve partnered with […]

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Overwhelmed by Marketing? New Survey Shows Just How Tough Small Business Marketing Is

Marketing is of utmost importance to small business owners, but it is also one of the most challenging parts of running your business. Which marketing strategies should you use? Who should handle your marketing? How do you fit marketing in a small business budget? And is your marketing even effective? If you’ve ever been overwhelmed […]