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The Cautionary Tale of The DNC’s False Phishing Alarm

The recent DNC “false alarm” is a cautionary tale. While there can be value is performing phishing tests against your organization, they are not without potential pitfalls. Real or simulated, what lessons can your business learn from this example? Phishing tests are designed to help your users decipher good email from bad. While there is […]

5 Ways Small Business Can Improve Cyber Security Today

Hacking threats pose a serious problem for small and mid-sized businesses today,. Small Businesses usually lack the resources employed by larger corporations, making them a prime target for cybercriminals. To safeguard their resources, many Small Businesses rely on antivirus software and built-in firewalls. In a perfect world, they could also use the help of a […]

Google vs. Microsoft: Which is Better for Your Business? [Video]

Things got awfully heated at the 2014 Small Business Summit as Michael Spadaro, Profound Cloud and Melanie Gass, Centerpoint Solutions go head to head about Google vs. Microsoft and which one is better for your business. As the debate starts, questions are thrown at Michael and Melanie in regards to the programs capabilities for document creation, […]

Cyber Security Myths Small Businesses Need to Know About

I’m teaming up with Norton to help small businesses resolve to be better about their cybersecurity in 2015. Experts have repeatedly cautioned businesses of all sizes against the dangers of leaving data unprotected, leading to tightened security measures across the country. Professionals still aren’t sure they’ve done everything they can to protect their networks, since […]

How To Protect Data Being Accessed By Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have introduced a new dimension into life and work. In the last few years, smartphones and other multi-functional mobile devices provide useful working tools that enable users to access business and other data remotely anytime, anywhere. However, recent trends in enterprise mobility have made mobile data security a new challenge for companies. According […]