It’s one thing to visit a mobile site on your smartphone, but how about building one from your smartphone as well? enables you to create a mobile website for your business in minutes using only your smartphone. You can quickly, and cheaply, build a responsive online and mobile presence and market it too. It’s HTML5, and includes features that allow the user to plot the location of their business on a map by GPS and then they can be seen by people browsing Joosee nearby. Another useful feature is the ability to take and upload photos to the site instantly, meaning businesses can update the site with products as they come in and out of stock.

It’s pretty interesting that you can do it all on your phone! Just a few clicks and you’ve got a mobile site.

Mobile websites are pretty easy to get and build, with mobile website builders and providers being a dime a dozen (see: Mobstac and WompMobile), but being able to build the thing on your phone is pretty handy! DudaMobile offers similar functionality. Two clicks and it’s there. It might be easier on your phone than it is on a desktop.

About the importance of mobile websites, Skava told us in a previous article, “A smartphone user has a distinct set of expectations when browsing on a mobile device compared to how they interact with their desktop or even their tablet. Retailer’s websites which have not been optimized for tablet experience a far lower rate of conversion compared to one that has been specifically optimized for the device. Retailers need to be able to respond quickly to the ever shifting digital landscape and influx of new devices, by making sure their e-commerce website is not only working properly but optimised for conversion across all devices.”

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Let us know in the comments how you built your mobile website! Any tips on how to best optimize your site for mobile users?