askgaryveebookGary Vaynerchuck is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in our time.

While some celebrities are famous due to an “exit” or because they’re on a TV show, Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur who embodies the world of digital marketing and engagement.

From humble beginnings working in his father’s wine store, Gary skyrocketed sales, not by selling wine, but by being a publisher. By sharing great content about all things wine, in a regular series of videos.

By sharing great content about all things wine, in a regular series of videos – Wine Library Tv

Years later, Gary launched #AskGaryVee (prompted by David Rock) – a weekly show answering practical (and impractical) questions by entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and everyone else.

While many of the questions are about marketing and business – there’s also questions and answers about being a better person, and of course the NY Jets.

#AskGaryVee is a special book which every entrepreneur and small business owner must read.

For example, one of the very practical questions Gary answers is about how to get a job right out of college – and the bigger issue of how to connect with people?

Gary’s simple answer, but one most people don’t do enough of, is to ADD VALUE.

Instead of trying to “get a job” or begging to be noticed, why not add value to the person you want to work with? How can you help this person in what they need? How can you contribute to this person’s success?

I could give example, after example, after example of the questions and the answers in #AskGaryVee – but you get the point.

#AskGaryVee gives answers from one of ultimate hustlers, smart hustle, who live what they say and show us all that everyone can succeed in business – if you’re willing to put in the work and the effort to do it.

Curious how to be a better leader, parent, investor, hustler? Just #AskGaryVee

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