irs-tax-formTax season is that annual event that some people dread more than their dentist, an eye exam and a few other things. However, I’m grateful that I live in a democracy where I can pay taxes and live in a peaceful and productive republic.

As you get ready to file your taxes, there’s a few things you can do to save money, invest money and claim deductions and/or just think of great ways to improve your company overall.

  1. Invest in hardware that works harder for you: Small business owners can skip a trip to the local FedEx with the HP OfficeJet Pro ink printer series, which provides print shop quality color printing right from your desk. Businesses can save valuable time with fast print speeds and take advantage of the printer’s space-saving, sleek design. SMBs can afford to take advantage of more than one investment tip this year with the OfficeJet Pro line printing at up to 50% lower cost per page than a laser printer.
  2. Choose a “smart service” that plans ahead so you don’t have to: Compatible with the OfficeJet Pro line, HP Instant Ink ensures that your printer is always stocked and ready. Never again will you have to worry about running out of ink for that big business proposal because the printer orders it for you before you run out, and it¹s delivered to your door with plans starting as low as the price of your morning latte.
  3. Reduce travel costs, increase face time: GoToMeeting encourages face-time with colleagues and clients without having to be in person. With more small businesses allowing their employees to work from home, GoToMeeting provides a platform for teams to meet and collaborate in a single space with the ability to share screens and build better relationships.
  4. Run your small business from a cell phone: With Grasshopper, entrepreneurs and micro-small businesses can set up corporate phone directories complete with toll-free numbers, department/employee extensions, and voicemail. Plus, incoming calls can be forwarded to mobile or home phone lines, or even Skype accounts.
  5. Access important files when and where you need them: ShareFile provides a collaborative workspace whenever you need to securely exchange, track, edit or e-sign content. Whether you’re on the go or sitting in front of your desktop, you can manage your documents and feel confident in sharing secured files.
  6. Automate workflows and document processes: Power PDF by Nuance eliminates document format-dependent bottlenecks that hinder workflows and slow down business. Small businesses can scan paper or convert electronic documents into searchable, editable PDF files – the standard format for business document collaboration. Users can also add mark-ups and comments directly within the PDF to simplify editing processes, while maintaining control over the original file with secure encryption and permission controls.
  7. Change the way you tackle to-do lists: Trello is an online tool that can help streamline project management in your organization. With a simple, easy-to-use interface that tracks tasks, owners and deadlines, this system keeps your team organized and encourages collaboration. Perfect for small business owners who handle every aspect of their businesses, Trello can help manage a variety of projects from the launch of a new product to organizing an office remodel.
  8. Book a company trip straight from your mobile device: Your team deserves a reward after a stellar year but you don’t have to blow your entire return on a getaway. With Hotwire you’ll get big discounts of up to 60% off hotels so you can take your entire staff out for a company retreat and still enjoy big savings. Plus, savvy travelers can control every aspect of their trip on phone, iPad or Apple Watch at the touch of a button.
  9. Expand your network of advisors: Many small business owners rely on a handful of associates or mentors to provide insight and feedback about their businesses. Consider growing that network of trusted supporters by attending a local networking event or conference geared towards small business owners in your area. These events are ideal for making new connections and learning best practices from experts in your field. 
  10. Keep learning with continued education: Invest in your personal growth and master a skill that will impact your business by enrolling in a specialized course. General Assembly offers online and in-person classes and corporate trainings on a variety of topics from web development and digital marketing to design. Choose a course that can help you tackle an immediate issue your business faces and finally get your website perfected or implement that online marketing campaign you’ve been dreaming about.
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