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The awesome thing about online software is that a) big companies have armies of staff to keep it running b) when things go down or don’t work, they’re fixed pretty quickly c) the software is constantly being updated for the better.

Recently Google’s come out with a variety of new solutions to make your life easier. These solutions are not limited to Google, but Nimble, Evernote, DropBox, Asana and other online services are on the constant move of improvement.

Google for example has added “tasks” and “reminder” functions to your calendar, making it easier and easier to function day to day.

One very new feature is reported by the NY Times: Google is introducing new features to its popular calendar that will enable people to program in their aspirations for times when they don’t have work or meetings scheduled.

Google’s algorithms will then seek appropriate gaps in a schedule in which stuff like exercise or discussing life with one’s spouse might be appropriate. While this means putting more of ourselves inside the machine, Google argues that its method is more efficient.