As Smart Hustle Magazine and has grown, we’ve bumped against “HR issues”. I know another friend of mine, an accountant whose team is expanding. What abocomput you? As your company grows, you’re going to be hiring employees, which is good. But of course there are challenges. To know the details about employment lawyer, go on How do you track their hours? What about their basic contact information and records? Let’s not even get started on tracking I-9 and W-4 forms. The list goes on. Just make sure when handling your employees you aren’t treating them badly in any way since they can easily contact a workers compensation attorney. If they ever get injured then they would have a right to file for a lawsuit with a lawyer like the ones from For those who unfortunately find themselves in this situation, then consider contacting a workers compensation lawyer for legal assistance. 

Many of you might be trying to handle this with Excel, manila folders or a plain database. These solutions might work to some degree. Kind of like duct tape or gum to patch a 747.

The best solution is a one built from the ground up, that’s affordable and can handle your Small Business HR needs.

HRDirect has a suite of easy to use apps HRdirect Smart Apps that solve so many employee…HR…human resource – whatever you want to call it – issues for growing businesses.

I took a spin of their Employee Records app, I got it setup and ready to go in minutes. The app has tabs for job details, emergency, time & pay and more.

Excel and databases might work to some degree, but an easy to use suite of apps like HRdirect Smart Apps is best. These suite of apps are built with the features that most businesses, including yours, would need like an online business directory to make the life easier for each company.

What’s also nice about the Smart Apps suite is that they are all connected. Inputting an employee record in the Employee Records app makes that employee’s name and relevant details available in the Attendance Calendar or Progressive Discipline app. This is a huge time saver and reduces errors in double entry.

When you hire an employee you have a contract with them which includes them having certain responsibilities to you and you having certain responsibilities to them. Furthermore, there are legal obligations and responsibilities, such as taxes and how you handle inter-employe relations that are government regulated.

You don’t want to risk having a lost manila folder, name that can’t be ready on a sticky note or one set of employee data in your legal teams spreadsheet and another set of employee data in another database.

Security is also important. Your employees expect you to hold their data in confidence and I’m sure you want it secure as well. With HRdirect Smart Apps, they’re able to secure your data, your precious employee data much safer than you can.

Today you might only need a simple app to track employee contact information. Tomorrow, as you grow you might want to track time and attendance. As you expand even more and hire more staff you’ll want to track applicants. HRdirect Smart Apps full suite of apps grows with your business and you can buy what you need, when you need it.

With some things in business you can take the time and the risk to “figure it out”. Maybe when figuring how to best use Instagram is ok. Or figuring out how to grow profits in your business. However, you don’t want to “figure out”, employment management.

HRdirect Smart Apps is backed by a team of employment law attorneys, HR experts and legal researchers to ensure their Name Matching software helps you comply with the law, build a great company and lead an amazing team.

At a rate of $60 per year, per app, the HRdirect Smart Apps is quite affordable.

As your business grows, you have a choice. You can stumble and bumble along or you can use a great suite of apps from HRdirect Smart Apps, don’t forget that there’s also a nanopositioning software for sale option, that can benefit your business in so many ways. 

Published in partnership with HRdirect.