“When you have your why, it drives you differently” – Simon Sinek

Purpose is what drives you to do more and what brings you excitement. Ramon Ray recently discovered that his vision, drive, and passionate purpose to help people. He is driven to build wealth, not for himself, but to give to others, impact his community, and change lives. He’s not talking about billions of dollars, but enough that he could help.

When Ramon talks about gaining wealth, he wants enough to be able to do a few things:

  1. Help the immediate community.
  2. Invest in family and friends who need it.
  3. Travel with his wife for leisure and to help people in other countries.

What can you do to drive your purpose?

Find what excites you.

This might be difficult to answer if you have never done anything that excites you. The easy answer might be riding a roller coaster or flying in an airplane – simply because these things make your heart race.

But think about it this way: what would you do if you could do whatever you wanted to do?

That’s what excites you. That’s what will drive your purpose.

Find what is easy for you to accomplish.

When you are good at something, it is easy for you to accomplish. For Ramon, public speaking is easy for him and he is good at it. Your easy thing might be

  • reading,
  • exercising,
  • following directions,
  • raising money … it’s all about you.

Knowing what is easy to accomplish can help you work towards your purpose – it could also be your purpose.

Decide what you would like to accomplish.

This is a tough one. What you want to accomplish could be something big or small or in between. Ramon has mentioned in a few videos that he wants to help a young person start a business or go to college. That’s not easy to do, but Ramon has decided that he will do it when the opportunity arises.

Build gratitude and listen to your heart.  

It is amazing what happens when you develop gratitude and listen to your heart. Ramon is grateful for the life he has lived so far. He opened his heart and expanded his mind to make his world bigger. Your gratitude might manifest in different ways that Ramon’s did. Gratitude makes more gratitude. It’s kind of like smiling. The more you do it, the more others around you will do it, too.

Listen to people.

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should listen twice as much as we talk. Listening is learning – plain and simple.

Become part of a community.

One of the most gratifying things that you can do for yourself is to become a part of a community. Join a church, get a job, go to exercise class, join a book club, walk at the mall, just do something that puts you in contact with other people. Those people and your experiences will help you develop, express, and fulfill your purpose.


When you explore, you learn. Exploring can take place in the wilderness, in a movie theater, in a book, in a restaurant. It can happen anywhere you go and expand your world. We get comfortable in our boxes, exploring might be scary, but not for long. Seeing what and who is out there in the world is life-changing. Get out there!

Give back.

Ramon clearly has discovered that his purpose is to give back. But, to do it, he needs to make some changes to his current way of life. He wants to make an impact in a big way. But, you can also make an impact in a small way, too. Whatever you do to give back should be satisfying for you.

Stay tuned to see how Ramon fulfills his purpose and satisfies his goals of giving back in a big way.