Small Business Owners Grow Pessimistic: A Rebuttal

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With the questions about the economy, is now a good time to be a small business owner? For the past three months, the attitudes toward small businesses has been negative. As national media outlets share their pessimism, are people turning away from small businesses? Are there reasons to be optimistic?

The answer is yes. There are always reasons to be optimistic about small businesses and their opportunities for growth. But, in a slow-moving market, the growth might be slow, too.

As I talk to small business owners, I am feeling their confidence. They are fired up about opportunities in 2019. Their enthusiasm is contagious, despite the negative outlook from organizations like the The Wall Street Journal.

So, how do you stay positive when the word on the street is full of negativity? The short answer – you keep doing what you do well. Market your business. Hire good people. Stay involved in your community.

In a slower market, you might have to hustle a little harder. Maybe you make more videos, or you post more on social media. Maybe you get creative with special events. There are plenty of ways to hustle.

You can also look around for good news. Like this good news from the National Federation of Independent Business:

“Small business owners are enthusiastic about the economy and have demonstrated their optimism by raising wages, creating new jobs, and investing in their businesses throughout 2018,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan. “Overall, small business owners have shown a historic trend in optimism for their businesses and the economy and continue to be the driving force behind economic growth.”

Optimism drives more optimism. Share your successes. What’s going well with your business? Let’s prove the pessimists wrong with our small business successes.

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Kristen Bentley is a veteran high school English teacher who has been a freelance writer for several years. She even teaches a freelance writing course to high school seniors. As a former small business owner, she understands the stages from writing a business plan to hiring the best people.