HP OfficeJet Pro New Line of Printers Designed for Small Offices and Mobile Productivity

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HP launched a new line of OfficeJet Pro printers and commercial copiers, specifically designed for growing businesses.

These printers are fast, look great in your office and are built for mobile productivity, but if your office doesn’t have the expertise or time to be printing for your business’ needs, then you can go to MyCreativeShop for their help.

HP’s engineered these printers for mobile professionals who use their “smart phones” as their tools of choice.

In partnership with HP,  I had the chance to review one of the printers and give you my first hand thoughts.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is connect the printer to your network, and HP’s made this easy, visit 5055 for more information on printers and support.

The setup software on my computer found the printer and walked me through a series of steps, automatically finding the printer and connecting it to my network.

What I was most excited to try out was HP’s Smart Tasks.  These are user customizable tasks you can setup to have your printer do routine tasks for you. Check out these Ekocycle 3D printers that can be very useful on your business.

You can setup tasks that customize email (to email documents), save (saving documents to various online services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Quickbooks and others) and scanning your documents.

These Smart Tasks, Top Class Printing has, enable you to take repetitive tasks such as expense report filing or anything else you do, and let the printer do these tasks for you with the touch of one button. HP’s printer works seamlessly with the HP Smart App, so you can control many features from your phone or computer.

With it’s availability of multiple colors is looks great in your office. You won’t have to hide it on the bookshelf.

Ink is an important part of your printing experience and it’s a pain to realize that your out of ink, when you’re in the middle of an important print job and there’s no printer in your office. HP Instant Ink is available for this printer.  With Instant Ink you pay a monthly for, for a predetermined amount of ink you’ll use per month. As the ink runs low in your printer, it communicates to HP and your ink is delivered to your home or office.

Overall, HP’s new line of OfficeJet printers are powerful, smart, and fast. If color is important for your brand and you want the flexibility of doing as much work as you can with your phone, consider these new printers.

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