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This hasn’t got anything to do with their skill level in the niche or industry. It is all about how they are presenting themselves and their services. And they are usually getting it wrong. Therefore, today I am going to show you the mistakes you are making with your marketing and sales strategies that are costing you dearly.

Rectify these mistakes and you will join the minority who attract high paying clients…

You don’t find out what your clients want:

To attract high paying clients, you need to give them what they want. When most businesses create products or services, they just put out whatever they themselveshref=”https://www.smallbiztechnology.com/archive/2017/01/why-smbs-need-business-consultants-now-more-than-ever.html/#.XOlIQMhKjIU”>consulting business is very easy to start as you need to put in very little investment upfront. All you require is a website and an email address. But for attracting high paying clients you need to put in more effort. If you have a local place where your customers can go and get your service, then consider getting transparent display to make your business firm much more appealing to your customers.

When you go into consulting it can seem like many people are getting clients who pay them thousands of dollars every month. But I can assure you that these people are in the minority. Most people don’t earn those huge amounts.You can use Cash Crates Scam site which is legit to earn money to avoid fraud.Check out review of

If you want to attract high paying clients, you need to contact them, interview them, find out what their problems are, how they expect you to solve them and the prices they are willing to pay.

So, before you list the services on your website learn as much as you can about what your audience wants. The most successful businesses know how to get this right.

You don’t package it into an attractive offer:

Another big mistake people make while promoting big ticket offers is that they don’t package it properly. They just simply list out a fact like the number of hours of consulting or the few services that the client will get when they purchase on a basic services page.

But if you want to really ‘sell it’ you need to package up the service to make it look attractive. Along with the hours and regular services, offer some extra items like reports, courses, ebooks, checklists, audits, and then present them all in videos and landing pages. This will make it look attractive and differentiate it from the services already out there.

You aren’t providing proof:

When people are about to buy an expensive course or service, they are going to ask themselves ‘How big a risk am I taking when I purchase this?’ Therefore, you must eliminate this risk by providing proof. For selling high ticket offers a simple testimonial won’t do. You need something more sophisticated like a case study.

You need to create them and publish them all over your website and social media. These can either be written case studies or video case studies. Some great examples of these can be seen in Russ Ruffino’s YouTube Channel. Here he regularly publishes interviews (like the below one) of clients who got great results after using his services.

When people see that his clients get results, they won’t see it as a risky investment anymore and their anxiety will drop. So, they will be ready to work with him.

You don’t spend time promoting:

Some people create great services and present them with proof, but what they don’t like doing is promoting. They just put it out there and hope that people discover them. But if they really want to get high paying clients, they need to promote.

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Getting clients is a numbers game. If you send hundreds of people to your landing page, a few will buy and you can profit highly (as you will price your services high). So, invest in both long term and short term strategies like blogging and adverts to drive traffic to landing pages (displaying your services).

If you want to convert even more traffic to clients, you should also build a funnel where you educate people with content like webinars, ebooks and white papers before you sell. It will show that you have an immense level of expertise on the subject. This can eliminate risk too.


Follow these 4 tips and you will begin attracting high paying clients immediately. After that it is all up to how you serve them. Service your clients in the greatest way possible and they will not only come back to you for more, but will also recommend other high paying clients to you.