Reports by the US Bureau of Labor show that productivity at the workplace is dropping at an alarming rate. This is not only happening in the US, but the effect is being felt globally. There are many theories that try to explain the decrease in productivity in the workplace. The statistics may be hard to swallow, especiasoftlly knowing that technology is readily available and if anything, productivity should be on the rise. Believe it or not, technology may actually be one of the factors as to why organizations suffer: we are talking about technologies such as smartphones that always distract employees.

The good news is that the same technology can be used to make things better. Here is how.

1. Use the right tools

This is where most organizations go wrong. Their attempts to incorporate technology in their processes do not work out as expected because they are using the wrong tools. The idea is not just to use technology but to use one that suits a specific job or task. You might want to check the best PDF support if you decide to start with the SodaPDF. It is essential to understand that not every technology is right for you. For example any kind of business needs one of the Best Projector For Presentations

2. Incorporate communication tools

Studies show that effective workgroup and lateral communication is necessary for workplace productivity. Thanks to technology, that can be achieved regardless of where a staff member is. With technologies such as videoconferencing tools, group chats, and social media platforms, everyone in an organization has the opportunity to share information and get updates. Managers are also able to run businesses from miles away.

Misinterpretation of information is a thing of the past thanks to tools such as audit management software and other types like this screen capture software that allows you can take screenshots of a window you are working on and share with colleagues. For more information on how the software work, visit this site.

3. Automate everything

Automating everything you can in your organization will improve productivity in ways that you probably never thought possible. Automation of processes enhances workflow, reduces error, and ensures that the most are made out of work hours. Automation will help your business meet deadlines more efficiently.

Some processes, such as data backup are time-consuming. As a result, the IT team is forced to dedicate a lot of time towards doing backup instead of focusing on other productive matters. Automating the managed data backup process will give your IT department more time to work on other essential things.

4.  Use a calendar app to schedule time

Calendar apps will come in handy in helping you plan. Studies show that poor time management is one of the major causes of decreased productivity. Using calendar apps will help you manage time well. Setting reminders and using it to plan will give you a guide on how to handle your week at the workplace.

5. Take advantage of the free software

There are no limits to how you can use technology to increase productivity. There are several tools in the market that you can use for that like free video recording software. However, remember that different departments will need a different approach. If you are looking to improve productivity in the marketing department, you should be using tools such as social media to reach audiences better and Google Analytics tools to help you keep track of your marketing efforts. Take advantages of the many free applications that are at your disposal to increase productivity.

Alongside using technology in the listed ways, it is also essential to set clear goals. The employees need to understand what is expected of them and what the organization aims at achieving. With that, there will be synergy, and you will all be moving in the same direction.