The Right Credentials For Your Next Hire

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Roll up your sleeves, business owners—it’s hiring season! You’ve recently expanded, you’re looking to add some new rockstars to your team, and it’s time to get some people in for interviews. But do you know what you’re looking for?

Know what your needs are

In order to add valuable people to your team, you need to know what vacancies you would like filled. Ask these questions to refine your search criteria:

  • Where are we falling short?
  • What weakness do I have that could be strengthened by someone else?
  • Where do I want to see more growth?
  • How can we more efficiently improve daily business operations?
  • What is our overall goal and vision for this business?

Coming up with definitive answers to these questions will help you to find the perfect people for your positions.

Desirable credentials

Depending on your vacancy, you will want to look for specific skill sets and experiences in the people you are interviewing. Consider these beneficial credentials when hiring your future team members:

1. Look for experience

Obviously, a candidate with the experience that fits your job description will be more of an asset than one who is starting with no experience. There are those exceptions where newcomers seamlessly fit into your infrastructure and provide amazing results, but in general, experience is something that will be beneficial to you and your organization. Look for proof that your potential hire has been there, done that, and has the skill sets and qualifications that will be relevant to the job you are looking to fill, if what you are missing is education check out this list of scholarships at

2. Look for education

While a college degree might not always be necessary for completing job duties for the position you are looking to fill, there is something to be said about someone who has taken the initiative to complete a degree successfully. Whether it’s a Michigan online MBA or a traditional education elsewhere, it is likely that someone who has completed a degree has additional skills and experience that could lend themselves well to your organization.

3. Look for results

Although traits like excellent communication skills, being a team player, and being organized are all desirable in a candidate, what you should really look for are measurable results and proof that they have been an asset to prior organizations. If they can cite specific circumstances in which they were able to improve or sustain best business practices, there is cause for celebration; they are likely to do the same for you and your business.

4. Look for relationships

Professional certifications, licensures, and relationships are not attained easily.  If candidates have professional relationships and certifications, they’ve likely worked hard to get them. This is a testament to their character, their work ethic, and what potential they have as you consider making them a part of your team. Don’t be afraid to check out professional certifications and reach out to professional references, as these opinions and associations may play a big role in your hiring decision.

Taking into account these credentials and other factors as you hire, follow your business instincts; the more proof you have that they have proven themselves in other professional situations, the more likely it is that they will be a consistent, quality member of your team. Here’s to your continued business success!

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