TikTok is a powerful social media network. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, the opportunity for businesses and brands to connect with potential customers is extraordinary. While many companies have been slow to adopt this platform, others have seen an increase in customer engagement and sales because of their videos on TikTok. Some might think it’s only a haven for kids and teens to share their thoughts, but it’s become popular amongst millennials and businesses as well. They recognize the opportunity to improve brand awareness and build their customer base. People share stories, product creation, funny skits, powerful messages, and more.

As a business owner, it’s worth it to check out some of these things you didn’t know you could do with TikTok. Make some time to explore the platform and try things out before you make your first video. If used in conjunction with your marketing and social media plan, you can leverage all these tools to get new customers and more.

Make 3 Minute Videos

Okay, it started with 6 seconds, then it was 15, then they offered a minute, but now some users are seeing the option to make 3-minute videos on TikTok. For some creators, this is a game changer. Instead of needing to make 5-part videos, they can break things down in one or two videos. This helps followers because they get to see more interesting content all at once, without needing to revisit the creators profile to find the right video series.


TikTok also uses hashtags, but unlike many competitors, these hashtags are limited. You’ll get your content in front of the right audiences if you use a handful of targeted hashtags. You can even use #FYP to show up on the “For You Page”. This page curates content for each user and helps people see not only the content they’ve followed or liked, but new content that they might enjoy as well. Some TikTok users love this hashtags while others swear against it.


Yes, there are ads on TikTok too. Paid content can be a worthwhile investment if you need to increase brand awareness or offer a special sale. There are many targeting options for these ads much like other social media platforms that help you connect with old and new customers. Experts don’t recommend paid ads unless you have a decent amount of videos in your profile. This is because people will usually go look for more videos if they likes your first one.  


Photographers can use TikTok to share their photo content. Create slideshows and showcase your best landscapes, headshots, and people photos for your followers. Small businesses have an incredible opportunity to find new clients more easily through TikTok. Whether you’re booking for weddings, family photos, or you want to sell your landscapes, you’re missing out if you’re not on TikTok.


Of course, TikTok has videos. But did you know that you can make videos outside of TikTok and upload them to the platform? This allows you to make video content using whatever gear is best for you. Whether you’re sharing your adventure on the open seas with a GoPro, or your newest commercial with a good video, there is no need to go live. You can make these videos as basic or extravagant as you’d like.

Offer Sales

If you’re on the fence, get off it. If your audience is on TikTok, it is a powerful tool to drive sales. You can offer TikTok only specials, create coupon codes for things like dress shoes and purses, make it easy to share your content, and so much more. Selling is easy on TikTok and you’ll get in front more of the right people on this platform than you can using just Instagram Stories or Facebook Posts. Your profile allows you to add a link, and you can leverage this to put something like Linktree to make it easier for users to click and find.

Improve User Engagement Across All Platforms

Got a YouTube video you want to get more eyes on? Put up a video teaser on TikTok. Because the user engagement levels on TikTok are superior to all the other social media platforms, you’ll be better able to drive people to your videos for views and connection. Make sure your content speaks to your audience and has a link to your YouTube channel so users know they can learn more from you.

Download Your Videos

TikTok makes it simple to download your videos. Each time you create and upload a video, you can set it to automatically download to your phone. This allows you to reuse this content on any social media platform you desire and your TikTok handle will be branded on the video. This makes it easier for people to find your content even if they didn’t initially see you on TikTok.

Make Videos With Other Videos

Do you know about duets? This is where you can show another TikTok video side-by-side at the same time as yours. This tactic improves engagement and can get your video in front of more people. You can use it to react to the other video, comment on the other video, sing along with the other video, and more! Add in duets to make your videos more engaging and to reach more potential customers.

Add Music

Music rights are important to respect. No one wants to get sued for a hefty copyright violation. The great thing about TikTok is that it has music and clips already in the platform that you can use for your videos. These popular songs make your videos more engaging and relevant especially to younger customers. They love watching dance videos, vignettes, and more clips that use their favorite songs. You’d be surprised at how much more exciting videos are when they include music beyond the typical free stock music you can find online.

Some businesses will love the engagement and new customer acquisition they can gain from using TikTok. If you’re not on it already, maybe it’s time to give it a try and add it to your social media marketing plan.