7 Best Professions for Your Post-Retirement Part-Time

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Retirement doesn’t always mean the end of your working days – at least not completely. Whether from a desire to stay busy or to avoid dipping into that nest egg too early, more and more retirees are rejoining the workforce after retiring from their main career. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that not only cater to the skills and experiences of retirees but also offer flexibility and meaningful supplemental income. Looking for that perfect post-retirement gig for yourself? We’re diving into the seven professions that can help you find both the financial stability and the freedom you need to enjoy your golden years.


Retirees possess an entire career’s worth of knowledge and experience, making consulting an ideal part-time profession. Of course, “consulting” is a broad term, and the actual work will look different in different industries. Generally, consultants are hired to offer advice and solutions to organizations facing challenges or seeking improvements in specific areas. If you enjoyed your former job, consulting is a great way to continue using your skills but with the flexibility to work part-time and choose projects that align with your interests.

Retirees sometimes offer consulting services independently – often with the same company they worked for – or join consulting firms that contract with multiple organizations. If consultants are ever used in your former line of work, you could use your expertise to continue working and contributing to the success of businesses without the commitment of a full-time role.

Tax Preparer

Every tax season, there’s a demand for skilled tax preparers, offering the post-retirement demographic the chance to work for a few months of the year and enjoy the flexibility of the off-season after the tax deadline. And no, you don’t need to have a background in finance or accounting to start a new career in tax preparation. You could learn the basics in just a few months and for relatively small fees through IRS-approved educators. It’s usually a simple process to apply for a PTIN and EFIN (the “licenses” you’ll need from the IRS) and any state business licenses.  From there, you’ll just need to choose a professional tax software, ideally one with a free demo so you can test the user-friendliness of the software before you commit. If learning a new software system is intimidating, you should also look for a software service that has a reputation for strong customer support to help you navigate any technical difficulties.

If you’re looking for year-round work, many tax preparers also serve small businesses and self-employed taxpayers year-round, helping them handle employer taxes and quarterly tax payments.


Retirees with a knack for numbers and organization can explore part-time opportunities as bookkeepers. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs require assistance with financial record-keeping, making bookkeeping a sought-after skill. Thanks to modern bookkeeping software, it’s not the paperwork-heavy venture it used to be, and you’ll likely be able to do most of your work from the comfort of your home.

It’s also the perfect complimentary service to tax preparation. Most small business owners who hire a bookkeeper will also need the help of a tax professional. By offering both services, you can generate even more income without searching for more clients.

Real Estate Agent

If you know your town like the back of your hand and love helping people find their dream home, becoming a part-time real estate agent might be your perfect post-retirement fit. While earning your real estate license will take some commitment, real estate can be an extremely flexible profession as you have control of your client load.

Relationships are everything in real estate, so it’s an ideal career for any retiree looking to stay active in their community and build meaningful professional relationships in their work.

Substitute Teacher

For post-retirement teachers who miss the classroom environment, subbing is an excellent way to stay connected with education without the pressures of lesson prep, grading, and standardized testing. Even if you don’t have a background in education, subbing is still a great gig for anyone who enjoys working with kids or teens. Many school districts have a shortage of substitute teachers, so it’s typically easy to get consistent work as a sub.

School Bus Driver

Granted, driving a school bus won’t be the most lucrative part-time profession, but if you enjoy interacting with children, it can certainly be a rewarding one. While it’s easy to dismiss the importance of the morning and afternoon bus rides, they are the bookends to the kids’ school day. A few well wishes in the morning and a smiling face in the afternoon can make the bus ride a meaningful part of the kids’ days – and yours! Plus, the part-time schedule means that you’ll work just a few hours in the morning and mid-afternoons, leaving most of your day free.

Freelance Writer

While you may think you need a background in journalism to pursue freelance writing, in reality, freelance writing covers a broad spectrum, including blogging, article writing, content creation, copywriting, and more. Writing articles for websites or trade publications that are related to your former career is an excellent way to leverage your experience and break into freelance writing. Start by reading blogs or trade magazines in your field and then look into their submission guidelines. Most have protocols for pitching article ideas to the editor.

In conclusion…

Whether you’re working because you want to or have to, your post-retirement should be flexible, meaningful, and fiscally sound. Working part-time in one of these seven professions is a great way to achieve all three. From continuing in your former career in a consultant role to learning a new skill set like tax preparation, part-time work can help you stay sharp, maintain a sense of purpose, and stay financially secure.

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