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Microsoft Bookings – Enable Customers To Make and Amend Their Appointments Online

My dentist is amazing, however, when I want to make or change appointments I have to call his office. Why? Why can’t I do it all online? There are MANY great online scheduling services available and Microsoft recently released one of its own – Microsoft Bookings. Integrated into Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Bookings helps small […]

Google Surveys – Service From Google Enables You To Get The Answers You Need

It’s famously said that Tim Feriss, before he finalised the cover of “4 Hour Work Week” (whose premise I disagree with) used Google Ad words to see which book cover folks would like most. The one that was clicked the most, that’s the cover he chose to put into final production. Surveys are important. While […]

Customer Referrals – Make It Easy For Customers To Submit Online Reviews

I recently rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In their post-rental email to me, they sent me an email with a link to and asked me to review them on the web site. This is a simple way to INCREASE reviews from satisfied customers. Online reviews are a powerful way to increase sales, […]

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Wireless Access Point? New Devices From WatchGuard Boost WiFi Security

According to WatchGaurd many wireless access points are not secure, for two main reasons. Most traditional wireless network management solutions fail to stop rogue devices from connecting to their networks or block threats like wireless denial-of-service attacks. If they have a wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS), it delivers a high rate of false positives, incorrectly […]

Facebook Business Pages – Why You Should Constantly Tweak Your Facebook Page

Facebook is constantly evolving its platform. Recently it upgraded the capabilities and integrations of Facebook Pages to enable you to do more and better engage with your customers. These upgrades include better integrations with multiple service providers such as: Start Order – Accept orders with or Slice. Book Now – Book appointments with HomeAdvisor, […]

Email Encryption: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Communication? New GoDaddy Offering

WikiLeaks is only one, in a long line of issues that face companies who want to ensure their communication is as secure as possible. Be it hackers, unauthorized employees, and anyone else who should not have your communications, ensuring your communication stays secure is important. GoDaddy recently announced the availability of enhanced security for its […]

Phishing Scams: 4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams

It’s recently been reported that 68 million Dropbox account credentials, including user emails and passwords, are now for sale on the dark web. Even if you’ve changed your passwords, you could still be at risk. Cyber criminals use information gathered from breaches like this to create highly sophisticated phishing scams, which are now on the […]

Conference Room Video Camera Self Adjusts and Moves. Great For Small Huddles

Ever been to a small conference room, a huddle room, and you and 4 other people are trying to be seen by the tiny camera on a computer or another device. Lifesize feels your pain and has developed the Lifesize Icon 450. It’s a small camera, that automatically adjusts as people enter and leave the […]

The Misconception of Mac Computer Security: Everyone Needs Security

From Target to Dropbox to Home Depot to Snapchat, the past few years have seen major brands suffer massive data breaches. These companies and many, many others fell victim to phishing schemes, viruses, malware, aggressive hackers, and other major cyber-threats. The consequences ranged from massive exposure of customer credit card information (Target) to stolen personal […]

Facebook Workplace: Now Collaborate With Your CoWorkers Using Facebook

Professional collaboration tools are the rage. Smart companies know that the only way to stay competitive is to ensure fast, easy and clear communication can occur between employees. This collaboration occurs between entire companies and definitely between workgroups. Slack has the BRAIN SHARE of collaboration amongst so many. Other tools include Jive and of course […]