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Websites and CRM Go Hand in Hand Says Wix

CRM is a platform that every small business needs – no mater how small. Wix recently launched a CRM module for its popular web site building service. I’ve built several Web sites on Wix and while Wix has for some time enabled you to capture contact information from your web site, Wix now lets you […]

Engagement and Education: Lowe’s Shows What Works Online

We’re all trying to leverage social media to get more sales, build our brands and overall GET ATTENTION in some way, online. Most of us are doing it wrong, some of us are doing it “ok” but no one seems to be doing it as well as Lowe’s is doing it. Lowe’s is crushing Vine by posting […]

Everyone Doesn’t Like Shopping Online. Best Buy Proves It.

You’d think that “everyone” likes shopping online – but that’s not the case. Best Buy’s successful sales show that there’s many people who are quite comfortable NOT buying online – in fact they’d prefer to go to a retail store and make a purchase. AdAge reports that Best Buy’s store-within-a-store bet is starting to pay off. The […]

FreshBooks Enables Partial Payments – Increasing Cash Flow For Vendors

Ideally, we want to be be on time and in full from our customers. However, all the time that might not happen. Freshbooks has a new feature. They have an option to allow your customers to pay you partially. Maybe they owe you $500 for some service – now they can pay you $300. Sounds […]

Small Manufacturers Are Hacker Targets. Here’s Some Tips On Being More Secure.

Small manufacturers, in fact many small businesses, feel that they’re business is too small to be of interest to hackers. That’s not true. Hackers want to steal personal data, money and anything else they can use to make financial gains or some other nefarious reason. Bank of the West published a 6 page white paper […]

3 Simple Tips for Better Email Subject Lines. 18 Million Emails Studied.

Email messages are important – but sending an email message with a great subject line is even more important. It’s important for one to one communication or for email newsletters. SendGrid analyzed 18 million emails and distilled three important aspects of what makes a great email subject line: Shorten Subject Headers: While 7 words is […]

Get Your Invoices Paid Faster with FundBox – A Financing Company Every Business Should Sign Up For

It’s deliciously awesome to get an invoice. But it’s frustrating to have the invoice take so long to get paid. As small business owners, we try to pay our vendors quickly, but in working with our larger customers, they might take 30 – 60 or more days to pay us! Fundbox has a neat solution. […]

New Tool from Microsoft: Sway Integrates Video, Images and Text

Microsoft recently released a new app, Sway, which integrates video, images and text. Think of creating a Power Point, with the ease of Canva and all hosted online. A digital story telling app is what Microsoft calls it. When you want to convey something to a client, customer, or just a friend, Sway lets you take your […]

Two Years of Ink With Epson’s New Line of Printers

Epson released a new line of printers that come with a reservoir of ink tanks so big they hold up to about 2 years worth of ink. That’s a lot of ink. The new line of printers, EcoTank brand, are five new all-in-one color printers featuring large ink reservoirs – what Epson defines as the Supertank […]

Employee Productivity Is So Important. Can Technology Help?

So you’ve got a 10 person team, or 88 person team – who work for you. How can you maximize what they’re doing? How can you optimize their time. This is NOT implying that they’re playing games or posting to Facebook all day. They could be working very hard – but are they working smart? […]