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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Conference Call More Productive and Crystal Clear

In today’s world of the telecommuter and virtual worker, conference calls are a constant, crucial form of business communication. While technology has given us the ability to make these conference calls more dynamic by connecting dozens of folks via video, the reality is that audio conferencing is the most affordable way to conduct a conference [...]

More Customers, More Often – 7 Tips To Get It Done

We all claim to want more customers, more often, but are we doing what it takes to get that done? I asked Sarah Reilly Engel, VP of Merchant Success at Belly, a loyalty rewards company for retailers, to share advice with us. It is widely known, through research and studies, that businesses derive 80 percent of [...]

3 New Media Strategies Every Business Should Know to Survive the Shrinking Newspaper Market

Newspapers have been rapidly vanishing from the American landscape, as consumers increasingly get their news online. With or The New York Times as a person’s homepage, why would they need a newspaper dropped on their doorstep every morning? As this media outlet continues to shrink, there are three new media strategies that every business [...]

Summer Is Here. Sales Are Down. 7 Cool Ideas To Heat Up Summer Sales #OwnYourSummer

For many businesses, summer is traditionally a slow month. The heat slows our bodies down (I guess that impacts sales), folks are focused on going away for an annual vacation, children are home from school and people want to leave their offices early and have FUN! While some businesses thrive during the summer, others dread [...]

Why Every Business Needs External Storage – Collaboration, Backup, Save Money. (Video Interview)

I’ve used external storage devices for years – plugging them directly into my computer and more recently attaching them directly to my network. Seagate recently launched a new line of external storage devices which make it easier to leverage external storage in your business. These new drives provide a much easier interface and enable you [...]

9 Simple and Free Tech Support Tips For Your Office (Tip 3: Chrome Can Help You Access A PC Remotely)

Bobbi Dangerfield, Dell’s head of customer experience, shares her insight on how small businesses can have an awesome tech experience. 1.    Take advantage of the diagnostic tools available on your employees’ systems and on the internet – for example, Dell provides diagnostics online in the form of Dell PC Diagnostics. If there’s something wrong with your Dell system, [...]

Wix Launches Email Marketing. Vertical Response Launches Web Sites

Wix, the leader in do it yourself web sites, recently launched a basic email marketing service – as reported by Small Business Trends. Vertical Response announced a basic web site service which enables you to host a simple form to capture emails. What does this mean for your business? More and more, vendors who are [...]

Accounting and Email Marketing Partnership: Segment Customers In Xero, Email With Constant Contact

Small business accounting company Xero recently added a new feature called Smart Lists. This feature enables you to segments customers in Xero based on certain criteria. For example, who bought what product in a certain period of time? You can then take this list and seamlessly send it to Constant Contact to market to them. [...]

Small Business Online Marketing Requires A Balance of Art (Human Skill) and Science (Technology)

To get the results of online marketing done right, it’s important that you are using a great balance of art (human skill) and science (technology). I’ve asked Kris Barton, Chief Product Officer, ReachLocal to share some best practices and thought on this careful blend of art and technology. Too often, online marketing solutions for SMBs don’t [...]

Social Media Etiquette: 4 New Rules Every Professional Should Know

Throughout history, professionals have followed unspoken rules of etiquette when promoting an event or product. They’ve sent press releases as directed, followed up later, and maintained positive relations with both the media community and the public. But with the rapid growth of social media, the rules are quickly changing, with professionals challenged to define proper [...]