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Remember: Think Before You Click. Most Hackers Still Using Email Scams To Steal Your Data

I just HAD to remind you, THINK before you CLICK. Remember, most attacks on your computer are not coming through some fancy hacker, dropping through your chimney like a Tom Cruise movie. According to Trend Micro these attacks are delivered by email, millions of emails and attackers just have a numbers game and hope that [...]

Business Credit 101: 5 Big Reasons To Analyze and Improve Your Business Credit

Crditera is a new service which helps business owners analyze, monitor and improve their business credit. We all know how important personal credit is – affect your loans and other finances. However, your business credit can affect the financing as related to your business. Creditera joins Dun and Bradstreet Credit Corporation in offering business credit [...]

Ramon’s Day At Microsoft Headquarters. 8 Things To Know About Microsoft and Your Business

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a day at Microsoft headquarters. I was joined by a handful of other small business influencers (that’s what larger companies call those of us who speak, write, author, and etc – all focused on the small business market). During our day together, my [...]

Stop Trying To Create Viral Videos. Focus on Information, Engagment and Frequency

There’s a small number of videos that go “viral”, compared to the billions of videos online that are NOT going viral. Instead of trying to make a viral video, which is hard to do, just focus on creating video that’s informative, engaging and that comes out frequently. The most important things in video production are [...]

What Are 5 Trends Optimistic Small Business Have? Survey Says…

We hear all the time how important passion is for small business success. Clate Mask, Infusionsoft speaks about this frequently, as do so many other leaders of entrepreneurial success. However, passions not all that will take your business to the next level – you also have the ability to execute. Success small business entrepreneurs know this [...]

eCommerce Site Success: 9 Big Time Tips To Make Your eCommerce Site Better

Selling online is easy – you use an ecommerce platform like Shopify, Infusionsoft, BigCommerce, Volusion or one of many other solutions and you’re done. Right? No. To successfully sell online it takes specific strategies and best practices. Julie Grace is the head of engineering at, a community for buying Arduino producdts –  interactive electronic [...]

Zipmark Buys WorkingPoint. Here’s 3 Reasons Why It Matters. Bill Payment Marries Financial Management Solution.

Zipmark, an awesome service enabling bank to bank payments recently  bought WorkingPoint, an awesome service that provides bookkeeping, tax reporting, inventory and expense management to small businesses. One of my “vendors” uses Zipmark to enable me to pay her immediately – from my bank to hers. Zipmark, for businesses, competes head on with PayPal and other [...]

Holiday Free Shipping Battle: Target Takes on Amazon and Why Your Business Should Care

As the holiday season approaches, both brick and mortar and online retailers are looking for every advantage they can get to secure their piece of the sales pie. For small businesses, this can be a huge task as the big dogs, like Amazon, Target, Walmart and others, dominate sales due to their size. But, even [...]

PC World: Startups, Not Big Companies, Hold a Lock on Technology Support Services

PC World writes how it’s startups, not big companies who have the upper hand and best chance of success in the tech services sector. My input to the article was: Ramon Ray is a small business and technology evangelist and the publisher of Smart Hustle magazine. Ray sees the DT trend similarly, acknowledging that in the coming years, [...]

Net Neutrality – Seth Godin Helps Explain Why It’s A Good Thing

For the politicians, net neutrality is a political issue. However, it’s more than “just a political” issue. It’s an issue, that if not decided properly by the FCC can affect the lives of consumers and businesses for years to come. For some months I’ve been thinking, why can’t some companies get faster Internet access, if [...]