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Technology and Smiles: Brooklyn Bakery Brings In the Dough With iPad POS and Analytics

New York City is filled with all kinds of neat bakeries and little shops to please your palette. What separates those who succeed and those who don’t succeed are two things. First, an executive and team who has the vision and passion to make a great product and treat customers well. Second, is the strategic [...]

Rawstream – New Internet Monitoring Software Services Lets Employers Manage Internet Use

If you’re considering enabling an internet monitoring software  services for your employees, there’s a new service, Rawstream that you might want to check out. Rawstream gives businesses peace of mind by identifying how much time employees spend on Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, even downloading movies overnight with office bandwidth (it actually happens). Rawstream also identifies shared docs [...]

Google Will Index Disqus Comments. Small News, Big Impact.

You know that search engines mine data on web sites – hence the content you produce is important. Disqus recently announced that now Google can search Disqus comments as well. This is not earth shattering news, but it does indicate one thing. Your web site (blog, social) content is important but you can also gain [...]

Is It Time To Stop Using Checks? GoDaddy and Dwolla Encourage Move Electronic Payments

I was at my local Shopright last week and saw an older lady pull out her check book and write a check (cheque) for groceries. On one hand, it is quite “old fashioned” to write a check, but on the other hand, I bet that lady has little, if any debt. Yesterday I was at [...]

Why Bitcoin Is Not For Small Businesses. 4 Ways To Know When To Use New Tech In Your Business

Bitcoin, virtual currency,  has awesome potential. It’s used by people to buy and sell all over the world and etc, etc. It’s great. However, it’s fraught with problems. One of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges Mt. Gox, shut down, US regulators are still figuring out how to deal with Bitcoin and I could go on. My [...]

Corel WordPerfect for iPad Launches…WordPerfect Still Going Strong

Like many older tech professionals (those of us about 30 years or older), you grew up on Corel’s Word Perfect. But over time Microsoft Word’s more feature rich and well marketed product, Microsoft Office took over market share. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Corel Wordperfect for iPad launched – but more pleasantly surprised [...]

Repeat Customers Are Awesome. Paper Loyalty Cards Don’t Work. Huzzah Has A Solution

I have loyalty cards for Walgreens, CVS, Rockin’ Joe’s Cafe, Pathmark and a few other retailers. I never carry the reward cards in my wallet so if I can input my telephone number, great, if I can’t then I don’t buy the item I wanted or more likely than not I just pay the additional [...]

3 Tips for Preparing Your Small Business for the Unexpected

Many small businesses operate in a reactive, rather than proactive, mode. Business owners spend so much time putting out fires that setting aside resources to prepare for future fires is usually not an option, but a necessity if you want to be able to refocus your business and achieve greater success. Here are three tips [...]

What’s Your Marketing Score? Free Tool To Grade Your Marketing and Get Expert Advice: SmallBizMarketingScore.Com

Online marketing is easy – yet challenging at the same time. It’s pretty easy to create a Facebook page, but having profitable business success through that Facebook page can be elusive (see The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing). You know you can buy advertising – that’s easy. But how do you ensure the ad [...]

Eventbrite Enables Event Organizers To Sell Tickets Based on Seating

Eventbrite is one of the best services enabling small businesses to manage ticket sales at events. I’ve used Eventbrite for over 5 years to manage dozens and dozens of big and small events. Recently Eventbrite launched a new service letter event organizers sell tickets to specific seats in a venue. Eventbrite Seat Designer, according to [...]