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Salesforce Upgrade Its Customer Service Platform. Faster Setup Time.

Customer service – offering an amazing customer service experience is essential for the success of your business. While in-store and phone based support are important, social customer service is increasing more and more. Customers expect fast and accurate responses to their queries. A company’s competitors is only a “mouse click” or “finger swipe” away. Salesforce […]

Why Wix Code Is a Game Changer for Businesses

Today, Wix announced the launch of Wix Code. A platform enabling millions of Wix customers to build advanced, database driven and programmatic functionality web sites. This includes database driven web pages, database driven interactivity, collection of user data and custom programming Watch my interview (below) with the President of Wix. Wix has always been a […]

How Adobe Scan and These 7 Tips Can Make You More Productive

When you went into business for yourself, you probably didn’t envision how difficult it would be to maintain productivity throughout the workday. Let’s face it: without a bunch of corporate bigwigs breathing down your neck, what sort of fire is there to spur you on to work at 100% every day when you are on […]

VIDEO: How Noisy Is Your Keyboard? Ramon Tests The Cherry MX Silent Keyboard.

Shhhh. If you listen, you’ll realize that your average keyboard is pretty noisy. I didn’t realize how noisy it was until I tried out the Cherry MX Silent Keyboard. Wow. Having one noisy keyboard might not be so bad. But having an office full of noisy keyboards, with actively typing people can be down right […]

How A Hot Sauce Company Is Using Windows 365 for a Modern Workplace

Today at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s event for its partners, CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the need for the evolution of the modern workplace. A workplace that’s defined by companies leveraging technology to enhance productivity and be more secure. We’ll have more about Garner Foods coming up on Amongst other initiatives, Microsoft will continue its […]

Asana or Trello? Comparing Project Management Software for Small Business

As a small business owner, you are probably used to juggling projects and tasks. Everyone has their own methods, but if your memory, email or to-do list has ever failed you, you probably wondered if there is a better way. The good news: there is! The technology is called project management software, and it helps […]

How to Develop a Stand-out App for Your Small Business

Today’s mobile market is booming with over one million apps available at App stores. They are not all for games and social networking either. Businesses have come to realize the power of apps for connecting with customers and boosting profit. In fact, 91 percent of top brands now have an app, and small businesses are […]

Study Shows Successful Business Innovation Relys on a Strong Process and Management

In 2015, consulting firm Accenture released the results of their 2015 US Innovation Survey: Clear Vision, Cloudy Execution. The study revealed a couple of major findings with regards to how companies think about business innovation and how successful they are when it comes to being innovative: 96 percent of executives said that the long-term success of their […]

Social Media’s Impact on Business Recruiting Continues to Rise

Social Media has had a huge impact on many facets of our lives. It’s changed the way we connect and socialize with our family and friends. It’s also changed the way we buy as consumers and access media. For businesses, there are just as many changes. For most businesses, social media allows them to reach a […]

Staples’ Printing and Marketing Has Big Impact on Small Business Customers

In a recent exclusive interview with Staples’ Vice President of Print Merchandising, Amy Lang, Ramon Ray discovered that there is so much more to the relationship between this retailer and small business than just selling office supplies. The commitment they’ve made to their small business customers and the offering of a variety of services that […]