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Better and Easier Wifi Management with Linksys Cloud Manager

Managing a network is important, especially a wireless network. For businesses that are growing and have more than one office, they need to quickly deploy a network and get up and running. It’s also VERY important that the network is security. A secure network is imperative. Today Linksys announced the Linksys Cloud Manager, a cloud-hosted WiFi Management […]

How A Beauty Company Keeps Its Tech Edge – CTO Interview. Outsource and Get Expert Help.

One of Matthew Linde’s key to success is to ensure he outsources as much as he can to other companies who are experts in technology. Matt said in recent interview he knows he doesn’t know everything and he’s not afraid to ask for help. In fact he welcomes it. As the head of technology at […]

7 Steps to Creating Your Own Startup

Forming your own company comes with a lot of excitement and challenges. The decision itself is dicey and you keep wondering if you should take the idea forward or not. Entrepreneurship is nothing less than jumping from a cliff. You need the parachute along and these come with a few organized steps. How to proceed […]

Apple’s New Product Lines. What’s In It for Small Business?

If you have a recent iPhone or Android, bought in the past year or two, you don’t NEED to get Apple’s iPhone. Most likely it’s got enough processing power, storage and a great camera. However, if you smartphone is old and you know the camera doesn’t take pictures as good as your friends who take […]

5 Essential Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile devices are dominating consumerism. According to the latest figures, 95% of Americans own a  cell phone of some kind – 77% of which are smartphones. This gives marketers a premium channel to connect with customers. However, mobile devices are intimate platforms. Consumers do not want to be bombarded with marketing ads. Online businesses therefore […]

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems – 6 Features To Know About

The right Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) will offer your business numerous benefits. These include improved inventory management, reduced costs, reduced downtime, extended asset lifetime, and overall improved operational efficiency. However, with so many CMMS vendors across the globe, it can be difficult to determine which CMMS software is right for your business. Work Order […]

Want A Smarter Business? SAP’s Business ByDesign 1808 Gets Upgraded to Help

In business, don’t you sometimes wish you could see around corners and know what’s coming before it gets to you? Growing companies are investing in the tools and technologies to leverage the massive amounts of historical data they have, to predict what’s happening in the future. Today SAP announced the launch of Business ByDesign 1808 […]

Ooma Announces DP1 Wireless Deskphone with Call Conferencing and 2-Line Controls for Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered if office phones could get any better?  If they could be made so users are not stuck at their desks with limited range? Ooma decided that office phones can still be improved and they did it with the affordable, high-tech DP1. In exciting news for small businesses, Ooma announced that they […]

5 Tips for Instagram Advertising for Small Businesses

Why Instagram? Instagram is not only one of the most popular social media apps, it’s the second most popular app for younger demographics, just after YouTube. Advertisers with money to spend on digital advertising can almost always find their target audience on Instagram. According to a recent survey we conducted of over 200 small to […]

Are Business Plans Necessary to Start a Business?

Have you ever been told that you must have a business plan to start a business? This is one of the most common pieces of advice that entrepreneurs hear; but, whether the advice is necessary is up for some debate. There are some instances when a business plan is a must-have and there are some […]