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How To Ensure Technology Does Not Bury Heartfelt Customer Service

Technology is great. But sometimes we have so much tech that we take the heart, the soul the feeling from what we’re doing. Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books. His newest book, Sprinkles:  Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service will be released in February.  He can [...]

vCita Offers Service Businesses Simple Scheduling and Payment Solutions.

While big companies make it easy for their customers to schedule and pay online – it’s at times not that easy for smaller businesses to do so. However, vCita has a powerful and simple solution that makes it easy for businesses who rely on scheduling and payments to implement these options. Here’s a list of [...]

Online Cloud vs Local Computer File Storage. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive – Which One Is Best For Your Business?

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken a look at Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. All three of these online file storage products let you store and synchronize your files across multiple devices and let you access them from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. As I’m writing this, I”d be remiss to not [...]

IBM Shows The Power of Turning Data Into Actionable Information and Collaborative Email for Growing Businesses

IBM’s an amazing company, doing some pretty good things for growing businesses. Recently it launched business apps for iOS in conjunction with Apple. While Apple knows the power of consumers, entertainment and communication. IBM knows what businesses want and can help make Apple even more valuable for businesses. During a recent press event IBM showcased [...]

Can European Email Marketing Service, Mailify, Beat MailChimp and Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is by far the biggest and most well known email marketing company. Mailchimp leads in “cool” and neat features, while Deluxe’s Vertical Response is a serious contender in this market as well. There so many more email service providers such as Emma, Feedblitz (Favored by Seth Godin) and others. In the past few [...]

New Service, “Leads”,Help Small Business Reward Raving Customers and Fans

Just about every business thinks they need to use social media in some way. Just about every business knows how to pick up their phone and “send a Tweet”. However, there’s very few businesses who can point to a direct correlation between their social marketing and sales or any other brand life. A new service, [...]

Dropbox for Business: Offering Features Making It More Powerful

I’ve been a long time Dropbox user and like how simple it is to use and how it quickly synchronizes files across devices. Millions (I think) use Dropbox (for consumers) but it’s Dropbox for business that has advanced features that make it even more powerful. There’s two new features Dropbox has released. One is full [...]

Facebook Restricts “Salesy” Posts In 2015. 4 Things Small Businesses Can Do About Facebook Marketing Challenges

The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2015 Facebook will restrict the commercial posts Facebook allows on pages. Understandably, Facebook needs and wants to generate more and more revenue. While this move WILL affect all businesses, especially small businesses, there’s several things small business owners can do. Invest in paid advertising – there’s nothing wrong with [...]

Ramon’s Radio Interview On Tech Disruption, Race and the Law, and Smart Hustle

Ramon had a 3 part interview with America’s Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame. We discussed how technology is disrupting so many businesses, the launch of Smart Hustle Magazine and Ramon’s thoughts on Ferguson and Race in America. Listen to Ramon’s comments on Race in America and the Law Hustle vs Smart Hustle – Which One [...]

3 Ways Technology Gives Your Small Business Limitless Boundaries (USA Today Supplement)

This article, by Ramon, was featured in a USA Today media supplement… Think back 20 years ago. Before the internet, social media and mobile marketing was popular. Running a business was different; starting a business was much different. You had to rely on local marketing, phone calls and plane rides to expand your business. Today, [...]