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High Engagement or High Follower Count: Home School Mom Blogger Tip

Recently I was taking a closer at my wife’s social profile – focused on home school moms. I noticed that one of her posts had 50 likes (or other engagements). She “only” has a few hundred followers, but I was impressed that with a few hundred followers she has the ability to generate huge interest […]

Get Rid of The Wires and Hassle: Use Skype Better with New Logitech SmartDock

Often times with doing video conferences with a group it’s a hassle. People can’t hear (or see) and there are wires strung here and there. Skype and Logitech have teamed up to create the Logitech Smart Dock which is an appliance integrating audio and video. What’s also nice about the Smart Dock is that it […]

Three Small Business Provide Holiday Marketing Inspiration

As we enter the first days of Autumn it’s easier to think about things like jingle bells and snowflakes. If you are a small business owner who wants to end 2016 with a BANG, then it is essential that you start planning your holiday campaign now. The National Retail Federation reports that businesses can make […]

Selling Security: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

In December 2013, Ingrid Victorsson found herself among the 110 million Target customers who’d had their names, phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses stolen in a massive data breach. Her thoughts on the matter amounted to a shrug and “meh, it happens,” — but there weren’t many who shared my laissez-faire attitude. In the end, […]

Everyone’s Improving Their Design – Are You? Lessons from FreshBooks.

Companies who are hyper-focused on their customers are in a constant state of re-design. If you look at Uber App, Google and so many other apps and services we use daily – you’ll notice they’re constantly getting better and event. Even Microsoft Windows 10 is always updating and upgrading itself with better design. While some-times […]

What’s The Most User-Friendly CRM Software? Capterra Report Shows.

Tons of energy is put toward acquiring and retaining customers in any business, big or small. Using customer relationship management (CRM) software is one way to take the stress out of that process. However, finding a CRM to keep track of all those clients and prospects shouldn’t add stress to your day. To assist in […]

Event Marketing: Using Zapier, Infusionsoft and EventBrite For Better Marketing

Organizing and hosting events is a powerful way for businesses to strengthen their brands in their local markets, or nationally. A well-organized event can generate media attention, bring VIPs together, enable prospective customers to have an occasion to get to know you better and so much more. Marketing the event can be an arduous activity, […]

CRM Plus Social Plus Business Information Is A Winning Combination: Nimble Upgrades

As I travel cross the country, I’m amazed at the number of business owners who are still relatively new to the power of using content and “social media” to engage with their customers. Part of this rise is fostered and enabled by CRM companies integrating social dynamics into their platform. Today Nimble announces a slew of […]

Digital Marketing Weekend Round Up – Content, Websites, Digital Brand and Ecommerce

  The only way to have a successful business is if customers are buying the product or service you’re making. Of course leveraging the power of social media, having a great web site, selling online and growing your digital brand are so important. As you head out for the weekend here’s a round up of […]