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Google Advertising Options Grow. Playing Catchup To Facebook

Google’s rolling out new advertising services. One will allow advertisers to target eyeballs based on email addresses. Another feature will allow, as Facebook already has, advertisers to upload customer lists and let Google find “similar” lists of customers to market to. What does this mean for your business? It’s going to get easier and easier […]

Microsoft Outlook Is Getting More Social

Many of us have used Microsoft Outlook for years – sending and receiving zillions of messages. Well a nice collaboration upgrade is coming. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, new versions of Outlook will let you “like” an email and bring others into the conversation with an “@” notation and their name. Sounds simple […]

Capital One Study Shows Small Biz Have Challenges But Also Big Opportunities

  Despite some small business owners feeling less positive about the economy and growth compared to earlier this year, Capital One’s Spark Business Barometer, an ongoing survey measuring the perceptions, trends and financial conditions of small business owners also found that even amid the current economic climate, women and millennial-owned businesses have a positive outlook. […]

Is Twitter Turning Into A Landfill of Advertising, Noise and Junk

It’s great to see that ecommerce is growing on Twitter, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Twitter is going to make it easier, to “click” and buy through Twitter, like Amazon does. But keep in mind – Twitter is NOT Amazon. While Amazon is a destination for shopping and spending money – Twitter WAS […]

Why Growing Companies Use Data Driven Sales To Boost Revenue

We think we know what sales is all about. Customers are interested in our product or service, we hound them until they buy. Of course some companies don’t do sales this annoyingly but some version of it. However, growing companies are finding that by layering smart data onto their customer databases, they’re able to boost […]

Customer Service In A Digital World (Free Webinar). Hug Your Haters with Jay Baer

Customer service is amazing. It’s even more amazing when it works right. However, what happens what things go wrong? What happens when you screw up? What happens when you have an “un-reasonable” customer? It’s time to “Hug Your Haters”. Join Jay Baer for an informative, engaging and lively discussion about customer service in a digital […]

Accounting and Sales Integration Reduces Stress: Xero and Shopify Partner Up

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms for small businesses. It’s partnered up with accounting platform Xero to enable Shopify customers to easily manage their sales using Xero. This sounds simple, but integrating ecommerce and accounting is a BIG time saver for busy business owners. While the focus here is on Shopify and Xero […]

Seth Godin’s 7 Rules To Survive The “Ad Blocking” Movement

You know and I know that no one likes advertising. Sure, we anticipate the Super Bowl ads and some others like GEICO’s are pretty darn interesting. But overall advertising is an interruption. The best marketing is when you identify your target customer, when they know what you sell and know it will help them and […]

Surprise: Apple Products Are Susceptible To Viruses and Malware

There’s an old tale that Apple products don’t have viruses. What is true is that Windows computers, because they were more popular, have been more virus prone. Hackers, like all criminals go where the money is. Of course Apple is now a dominant operating system (on computers and mobile devices) so hackers are definitely targeting it. The […]

Why NYC Taxis Don’t Know Their True Competition and What You Can Learn From Their Mistake.

The New York Taxi industry, too late, has put together two apps that can hail New York City taxes. While it’s understandable that taxi owners think Uber is fighting an “app” – they are wrong. What they are fighting is really customer service, expectation and ease of service. Taxis are nice, but compared to Uber – […]