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Modern Technology Debunks Small Business Myths

There are a whole lot of small business myths out there that are just no longer true in today’s technologically advanced world. In order to debunk these myths, I’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create a series of videos that will help educate and inform small business owners. What kind of myths are we talking [...]

Cyber Security Myths Small Businesses Need to Know About

I’m teaming up with Norton to help small businesses resolve to be better about their cybersecurity in 2015. Experts have repeatedly cautioned businesses of all sizes against the dangers of leaving data unprotected, leading to tightened security measures across the country. Professionals still aren’t sure they’ve done everything they can to protect their networks, since [...]

Hackers Are Targeting Small Business and the ‘Free’ Security Methods of Old Days Just Won’t Protect You

Protecting small business from cyber threats is vital, so I’ve teamed up with Norton on their ‘Take the Pledge’ campaign (#CSPledge) to help educate small business on how to better protect against cybercrime. The threat to businesses, large and small, is so much more than it was 20 years ago, and the ‘free’ protection so [...]

Vote for Ramon’s SXSW V2V Las Vegas Presentation

When you think of the word celebrity I’m sure names like Brad Pitt, Daymond John or Donald Trump pop into your mind. BUT… what if when people heard the word celebrity they thought of you? I’d like to share my secrets on how YOU can become a local celebrity entrepreneur but I need your help! I need [...]

Make a Resolution to Improve Cyber Security in 2015: Norton Promotes ‘Take the Pledge’ Campaign (#CSPledge) to Educate Small Businesses

As we head into a New Year, a major area of concern for businesses of all sizes is cyber security. To inform and educate small businesses, I’ve teamed up with Norton for the ‘Take the Pledge’ campaign (#CSPledge). This month-long campaign will include educational content, a TweetChat, survey results and giveaways from Norton, including a [...]

14 Reasons Why Seth Godin’s Latest Book “Your Turn” Is A Must Read To Start the Year!

Happy New Year. Now ti’s time to get back to work and move your butt and take your business to BIGGER and BETTER things. I’d highly recommend you read Seth Godin’s latest book, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn“. Seth’s book is not only a fun read, filled with big pictures and whimsical tidbits, [...]

Ramon’s 12 Rules for The New Economy – Word Of Mouth Is Simply Not Enough

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at a holiday event. Instead of one of my usual (but awesome) presentations, I wrote some thoughts on a piece of paper and shared what I thought these businesses needed to know to align themselves for 2015. Here’s what I shared. I hope these rules [...]

5 Inspiring Words From Daymond John @TheSharkDaymond – #SharkTank

Yeah, I know this is a “tech blog”, however, I was recently in a room with Daymond John. He was advising some business owners, as part of project with Infusionsoft. There’s five things he said during his conversation that I wanted to share with you. If you keep giving to people, they invest in you. [...]

How To Ensure Technology Does Not Bury Heartfelt Customer Service

Technology is great. But sometimes we have so much tech that we take the heart, the soul the feeling from what we’re doing. Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books. His newest book, Sprinkles:  Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service will be released in February.  He can [...]

vCita Offers Service Businesses Simple Scheduling and Payment Solutions.

While big companies make it easy for their customers to schedule and pay online – it’s at times not that easy for smaller businesses to do so. However, vCita has a powerful and simple solution that makes it easy for businesses who rely on scheduling and payments to implement these options. Here’s a list of [...]