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Social Media Is The Ultimate Tool for Small Businesses Says @GuyKawasaki #sxswi

Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick gave an excellent presentation with 10 practical ways to do better with social content marketing. During the Q&A I asked Guy, what does he say to the many small business owners who feel social media is not giving them the return they want? What does he say to those who [...]

10 Tips From @GuyKawasaki – The Art of Social Media – 3 Page Downloadable PDF

At SXSW 2015 Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick dispensed simple and awesome insight in how everyone can get the most from social content marketing. I took notes and put them in this handy PDF.  

Canva – An Imaging Tool Built For Social Engagement

The best social media is all about how well you can engage your audience. One of the best ways to engage your audience is with good imagery. Just posting a photo is easy to do. However, for some of us, adding text and/or ensuring that image is formatted properly for a particular social network is [...]

Is Facebook Advertising The Favorite Option for Small Businesses?

Google has long been the dominate advertiser of choice for many small businesses – in part because that’s all we’ve had. But over the years as more and more eyeballs have consumed more and more content on more and more platforms. there’s a lot more options. One of these options is Facebook. They reported that [...]

New HP Officejet X Series Changes The Way We Look At Business Printing

When thinking about efficiency and productivity in your business and areas you can easily improve, you might first think about your employees, software, and apps. But when was the last time you thought about your printer? It may not be the first thing to pop into your mind, but it’s time to change that thinking, [...]

Main Street Forum Hosts 5 Small Business Leaders. 9 Challenges Of Small Business Success

Last week’s Main Street Forum (NYC) focused on the challenges small business owners face in growing and running their businesses. The resounding themes of the forum were - what is the definition of a small business and how can companies selling small business services make running a small business easier. The Main Street Forum, hosted by Infusionsoft, [...]

Gamification. Is It Something You Should Consider? Five Reasons To Think About.

Gamification enables companies to make “work” fun. Weather it’s getting money out of an ATM machine or having a cheery voice greet you at the gas pump – these are (kind of) ways that you make doing an action – engaging. Right? I’ve ask Adam Hollander, CEO of FantasySalesTeam to share about this with us. At [...]

Is Every Retailer Vulnerable to Hackers and Data Loss? 5 Tips To Consider

EVERY business (and consumer) is vulnerable to hackers – it’s inevitable. Just like street crime. However, there are things every business can do to MITIGATE and make it more difficult for hackers to hack your business network. I’ve asked David Bozin, VP of Growth Development at Bindo, which makes e-commerce solutions for retailers, to comment and [...]

Your Next Printer Must Be Mobile Enabled – New Xerox Devices Are

Sure, most folks working on desktop computers have their computers already networked and ready to print – but what about tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices (such as smart watches) and etc. When buying your next printer makes sure it plays nice with your mobile devices to enable you to easily print, right from your [...]

The Dangers of the Self Inflicted Digital Divide – Will Your Business Be Left Behind?

At a recent event hosted by web host 1and1 we discussed the digital divide of business. Not a divide of class, money or neighborhoods, but a digital divide of the mindset that some business owners phase. As technology gets cheaper, easier to use and more available, there will be a gulf between those growing businesses who [...]