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Using Videos Effectively in Your Sales Process – A Guide.

If you think that video content should be placed only at the top-of-the-funnel stage you are missing out on a great opportunity. Nowadays, 82% of customers conduct research online prior to making a purchase. It is very important to build a thriving brand presence from the beginning to the end of that process and that’s […]

The Three Most-Overlooked Digital Marketing Hacks Small-Businesses Forget To Utilize

Every day I encounter another small-business struggling to gain tracking in the digital world. The frustrating thing is, today, it’s absolutely critical to be present and active in the digital space. To ignore it is to intentionally leave potential new business on the table. Here are three digital marketing tactics that most small-businesses forget to […]

13 game-changing iPhone X and iOS 11 hacks for marketing your small business

Part of the fun of getting a new iPhone is learning all the new hacks for preserving your precious battery life, taking best photos, and more. We all love our iPhones and the way they make our lives easier, faster, and just plain fun. But iPhones also make our jobs easier, and that’s especially true […]

A Clean Office Helps Your Business. Here’s 9 Tips To Consider.

You spend nights tossing and turning in bed wondering how you can attract new customers to your business. Many of us think of social media, a new web site or doing video. These are all great. But don’t forget the importance of the physical look and feel of your business, as well. I’m excited to […]

Zoho’s Innovation Continues to Help Small Business Start and Scale

Zoho’s a quirky company. Founded in 1996, it’s founders are humble yet confident. It’s a company with 5,000+ employees, helping businesses around the blog and yet not public. It’s manically focused on innovation (R&D) and providing great support to its customers. Recently Zoho launched three new products, including: A new version of its DIY website […]

How To Use CRM to Create Positive Customer Experiences

Customers’ are the back bone to run a successful business. They can make or break the business. There are no signs of any business without its customers’. Customers’ are needed to buy company products and services, for word of mouth advertisement, and to bring more business. Further, they also act as brand advocates, referrals to […]

Heartwarming Small Business Movie from Intuit Celebrates Small Biz Success

Many of us small businesses owners want to grow but we don’t want to hire a lot more staff, get a new building or become a billion dollar giant. What many of us want to do is increase our profits and better support our families and communities. Doing this is not always easy, but one […]

What Do You Need To Know Before Signing Up A Small Business Loan?

Small Business Loans, are among the best options when you want to start your entrepreurship journey and do not need a lot of cash. These loans help in supporting your business establishment and are ideal for people who have amazing business ideas but lack the capital required to initiate their entrepreneurship journey. A small business […]

3 Creative Ideas to Boost Your Local Marketing Campaigns

If you own a business that operates across a range of regions, it’s important that you’re in tune with your local markets. Many business owners make the mistake of approaching business from a macro perspective—it’s much more important to cater to local market segments. Technology has made it much easier to provide custom marketing materials […]

Vistaprint Report Says Many Consumers Will Shop More Small Businesses in 2018

While big retailers have their role in the economy, it’s the very small business owners who are endeared by consumers. A Vista Print report says – More than three-quarters of U.S. consumers say that shopping at or using a small business is important to them, with the impact these businesses have on the local community […]