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YouTube Will Create Your Business Video If You Spend $150 In Advertising

YouTube has a new service, called, Director on Site, which creates professional videos for your business. YouTube will create a professional video for your business if you spend at least $150 to advertise on Youtube. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Basically you pick a video template, plan for the video shoot with a video producer […]

Canva Presentations Launches. Is It Time To Ditch Microsoft PowerPoint?

I’ve used Canva for several months. It’s a powerful design tool to create images/designs for your blog, social media and more. Google Docs has been offering presentations for some time, Prezi just launched Prezi for business and now Canva enables design creation as well. Of course Microsoft Sway is an online presentation tool as well. […]

Prezi Upgrades: Adding Business Features To Power Point Competitor

Prezi the leading “non-linear” presentation creator. Whereas Microsoft Power Point is linear, meaning your points are in a traditional outline format and go from point to point, with Prezi you can have multiple pathways throughout your presentation. If you have been wanting to “jazz” up your presentations, consider Prezi. But remember, whatever you choose, your […]

This Is A Sad Day In US History: Let’s All Pause To Reflect and Mourn #Orlando

As I sit at my keyboard, getting ready to report on small business technology news of the day – it feels so inappropriate to do so. 50 (or more) people have been killed today, in America’s largest terrorist attack since 911. This is a short note, just to acknowledge this horrific, horrific violence. There will […]

Screen Capture Gets Easier With Snagit 13

Capturing video and computer images is pretty easy to do, but doing it with full featured software is even easier – enter Snagit 13. Some of the new features include: New design for the capture tool, including an innovative panoramic scrolling capture that lets users capture images tall or wide Updated editor that increases user […]

Make It, Ship It, Test It on Social Media, Then Sell It To Your Fans. The Power of MVP Creation.

I was reading the Wall Street Journals article about how designer Michelle Smith, sketched a dress “Selena” and after seeing the interest on social media, decided to accelerate it’s manufacturing. The Journal writes, “Over several weeks following Milly’s September show, the Selena dress garnered more than the usual attention on social media, particularly, which […]

Social Media and Websites: How Businesses Can Get it Right

This article is brought to you in partnership with Verisign, the global leader in domain names and internet security. When today’s customer wants to learn more about a business, the first place they usually turn is the Internet. This has made an online presence essential to a brand’s success. Setting up both a website and […]

Google AdWords Is Evolving: 5 AdWords Developments for the Mobile-First World

Google AdWords is probably one of the first and most well known advertising platforms that many small businesses have used. While TV, Radio, Newspaper advertisements and other platforms are not “do it yourself” – Google Adwords has almost from the beginning enabled any small business owner, with a small budget, to click, buy and have […]

Nimble CRM Adds Social Segmentation and Search To Its Software

Nimble CRM has upgraded its software solution in a powerful way. Enable its users to not just do a search based on basic contact information but also by information curated from social media and public database. Nimble’s blog post on this has more details. Their blog post reads, ” Nimble automatically enriches your contacts with […]

Telephone Scammers: Be Vigilant of Phone Call Scams

This has happened for years and will continue to happen – as long as we have telephones. But YOU must be vigilant of criminals calling and trying to hack your computer, get you to buy things you don’t need or other illegal and unethical activities. WSJ has a short video about these scams here. Be […]