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Is Your Tech Making You Productive Or Inefficient? Work With Purpose To Get More Done.

A person can’t be 100% productive all day. As much as you want to make the most of every minute, to get shit done, to hustle, it’s just not humanly possible. Concentration is like a muscle, it needs to rest to be able to function, and it shouldn’t be overworked, otherwise it’ll simply burn out [...]

Why This Cuban Bakery Beat Dunkin Donuts With Niche Marketing

Recently I parked my car in front of a Dunkin Donuts to use their WiFi while I waited for one of my children to finish taking some tests at a local high school. I got hungry and was thinking about going into Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. But I looked around and noticed [...]

Boost Your Local Online Marketing and Help Customers Find You

With more and more consumers now turning to the internet for local searches, small businesses have more opportunities than ever to connect. With a few simple improvements to your online presence, you can make it easier for local customers to find your business easily. I recently wrote an article for Well Fargo and their Wells [...]

Join Ramon and AT&T #BizCircleLive – Online Event: Social Content Is The New Way To Sell

Tired of Tweeting and having no results? Do you use great images on Facebook, but still can’t get the results you want? Join Ramon Ray on Monday, October 20th at 1pm EST for a special, online, live event, hosted by AT&T. Ramon will share his BEST STRATEGIES for using social content to EDUCATE customers and prospects. [...]

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Staples and Norton Team Up for ‘Take the Pledge’ Campaign (#CSPledge) to Educate Small Businesses

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. To inform and educate small businesses, Staples and Norton are teaming up and have created the ‘Take the Pledge’ campaign. This month-long campaign will include educational content, twitter chats, survey reports and giveaways from Staples and Norton, including a grand prize package with a Dell Latitude 14” Laptop and [...]

Make Paying Invoices Easy and Get Paid Faster. Freshbooks Launches Payment Solution.

I work with many partners in the production of, Small Business Summit and Smart Hustle Magazine. Some send me an invoice via PayPal, some send an invoice through Freshbooks and link to Zipmark, others send me an invoice and I send them a check. What’s interesting is that those who make it EASY for me [...] Opens NYC Store. How Is Your Local Store Different. 5 Tips.

Wal Mart was a disruptor for local small businesses. was a disruptor for Wal Mart and of course ANY other retailer. With testing the waters of opening a local store, as reported by the WSJ, the differentiation you offer to your customers is even more important. At the Wix Small Business Breakfast earlier this [...]

Yext, Square, Infusionsoft and more…Big Companies Love Small Business

Dear small business owner, you are HOT stuff and big companies are INVESTING a lot of money to sell you solutions that will help grow your company even more. As a champion of small business success it’s really amazing the FIGHT that big companies are having over small businesses – whichever big company “wins or [...]

Top eBay Seller and eCommerce Expert @ColderIce – 3 Steps To Triple Your Business Today

John “ColderIce” Lawson is a top eBay seller, guru of eCommerce and overall master of online marketing. His book “Kick Ass Social Commerce for Entrepreneurs” is a must read. As a preview to John’s popular Ice Retailer Conference I’ve asked John for his tips on building a successful business. We can all use tips and success [...]

Review: Why Xero Wants You To Ditch QuickBooks And Fall In Love With Managing Your Money

Money management is one of the most important responsibilities small business owners must take care of. Without the proper management of our money we won’t know what products are profitable, which customers owe us money and how much we owe the IRS – amongst other things. The tool you use to manage your money is important. Pick the [...]