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Coworking: 7 Questions To Consider Before You Move To A Coworking Space.

In New York and other urban areas we have lots of options for coworking. What I like about coworking is the free or low cost environment, the others around you (human to human connections) and collaborative environment. CoworkCT, a network of coworking communities whose members include small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and contractors who share space, [...]

Mailchimp Evolution. Autoresponder Is Dead. Marketing Automation CRM Rises.

Aweber, Mailchimp and other premium email marketing services all offer auto responders. Auto-responders let you send an email auto reply based on a click or some other action. You can bundle autoresponders together and have a pretty advanced system of communication to clients or customers. However, autoresponders are not enough for some companies and they [...]

Intuit Study: Small Businesses Compete with Large Companies Using Online Services (Cloud Computing)

Online services such as Uber, Airbnb, Quickbooks Online and Xero, Asana, Evernote, Task Rabbit, Elance, PayPal and Fiverr are game changers in small business opportunities. These services, and many others, enable small business owners to harness talent, leverage computing power and overall be more productive in their businesses – like never before. Think about the [...]

Biz & Tech Roundup: Event Marketing; WiFi Security; Wix and Hotel Websites

PRIVATE WiFi Unveils WiFi Dashboard to Alert Windows 8 Users When a Wireless Network Is Unsecure PRIVATE WiFi recently unveiled a new free app — WiFi Dashboard — for Windows 8 personal computers and surface tablets, which will alert users when they are using unencrypted WiFi. Many hotspots — whether people access them in a hotel, coffee shop, airport, [...]

24 Awesome Apps To Save You Time and Have Less Headache – @LizKingEvents #techsytalk

Liz King is the preeminent guru of events. She’s built a community for event professionals – to help them produce better events and she is an event organizer as well. Here’s the apps she uses to run her empire – boosting productivity and having less headaches. Trello – task management Anydo – task management tool [...]

Google Adwords: 7 Ways To Fail Your Online Marketing Campaign with #Adwords

I’ve been doing a lot more online advertising on the occasion of the 9th Annual Small Business Summit - experimenting with Twitter, LInkedIn, Facebook and Google Adwords. For many of you, online advertising drives a big chunk of your sales. I’ve asked Sheri Firstenberg, with Ripen Commerce, to help guide us into the best ways to [...]

Vote Ramon @SXSW Presentation: The Local Celebrity Entrepreneur – Personal Branding

Ramon needs (would please like) your vote. SXSW Interactive , the biggest conference and show about all things digital, social and tech takes place in Austin of each year. I need your vote please, for my panel submission, “The Local Celebrity Entrepreneur: How Personal Branding Helps Your Small Business Crush Your Competition” Please vote. I would would appreciate [...]

Robots Or Humans Serving Your Hotel Room? Beep, beep, Here’s Your Newspaper

Let’s say you need some tooth paste, shaving cream or the morning’s newspaper delivered to your hotel room. Would you mind if a robot brought it to you? Would you prefer a human? Robots are not new, some of them vacuum our floors and others are getting ready to drive our cars  - as Google. [...]

Why Credit Card Swipe Wars Are A Trojan Horse For Small Business Mobile Payments

So is the latest company to offier a credit card swipe processing system to small businesses. Other vendors include Square, Intuit, PayPal, Apriva and others. The mobile payments market is big and large companies want to ensure small businesses are using their services. The big difference these vendors offer is the fees they charge [...]

Why Is Twitter Phoning Small Businesses Helping Them Optimize Their Twitter Advertising

Last week I received a Tweet (or maybe an email) from someone from Twitter. At first I thought it might have been someone from PR or business development or even marketing. It wasn’t. It was someone from Twitter’s advertising department calling to help me better optimize my advertising campaign on Twitter for the 9th Annual [...]