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3 Easy Steps to Home or Office Automation and Energy Saving with the Staples Connect

In honor of Earth Week, we spent some time looking for cool tools and tech that is making a difference not only in our lives, but to the world as a whole – by saving energy and natural resources. The one thing that came to mind was home automation – the automatic electronic control of [...]

How Entrepreneurs Can Build Their Brand Using Google+

The aim of this article is very simple. ­ I have to convince you that you are making a big mistake by ignoring a major part of the future of Google, Google+ First things first, people simply don’t get this whole Google+ social media thing. You think it’s about posting pictures of cats, or your lunch, or [...]

Why Loneliness Can Cripple Your Business. 4 Lessons From An Empanada Bakery.

“No Man Is an Island”, but sometimes as small business owners we feel like we are deserted on an island – entrenched in our non-stop world of tasks, planning and decisions. Being a small business owner could possibly be one of the most difficult challenges one could ever take on. So why do we do [...]

Hiring Is So Important. Here’s 5 Awesome Tips To Do It Right.

Hiring, regardless of size of your company, is one of the most daunting, anxiety ridden and costly tasks you will be faced with as a business owner. For small businesses, however, it comes at a much greater cost, both in time and dollars. So getting it ‘right’ is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, there is [...]

Save Time and Secure Your Business with a Password Management Tool

How many passwords do you have? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is “too many.” In the course of a month, the average individual visits over 25 different password-protected websites. That’s a lot of information to remember. To make it simpler, some people use the same password for multiple sites; in fact, 65% [...]

Social Media Is The Ultimate Tool for Small Businesses Says @GuyKawasaki #sxswi

Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick gave an excellent presentation with 10 practical ways to do better with social content marketing. During the Q&A I asked Guy, what does he say to the many small business owners who feel social media is not giving them the return they want? What does he say to those who [...]

10 Tips From @GuyKawasaki – The Art of Social Media – 3 Page Downloadable PDF

At SXSW 2015 Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick dispensed simple and awesome insight in how everyone can get the most from social content marketing. I took notes and put them in this handy PDF.  

Canva – An Imaging Tool Built For Social Engagement

The best social media is all about how well you can engage your audience. One of the best ways to engage your audience is with good imagery. Just posting a photo is easy to do. However, for some of us, adding text and/or ensuring that image is formatted properly for a particular social network is [...]

Is Facebook Advertising The Favorite Option for Small Businesses?

Google has long been the dominate advertiser of choice for many small businesses – in part because that’s all we’ve had. But over the years as more and more eyeballs have consumed more and more content on more and more platforms. there’s a lot more options. One of these options is Facebook. They reported that [...]

New HP Officejet X Series Changes The Way We Look At Business Printing

When thinking about efficiency and productivity in your business and areas you can easily improve, you might first think about your employees, software, and apps. But when was the last time you thought about your printer? It may not be the first thing to pop into your mind, but it’s time to change that thinking, [...]