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GoDaddy Makes A Big Upgrade To Domain and Marketing Services

Godaddy is one of the biggest and most well known web hosts around. Of course more than just web hosting, GoDaddy also offers an array of marketing services for businesses. What caught my eye about GoDaddy’s announcement was it’s marketing services. GoDaddy enables it’s customer to not only turn to GoDaddy for hosting but for […]

Greg Waldorf of Invoice2Go on Why You Need to Switch to Invoicing Technology Today

Invoicing is an important aspect of running a business, especially small businesses that are all about cash flow. So why, in an era where technological solutions are abundant, are so many small business owners still using Excel or Word templates for invoicing, or running to Staples to get invoice books? This was the main question […]

Pitney Bowes Makes Shipping via Fedex, UPS or USPS Much Easier

Shipping is never easy. However, lots of companies are making it easier and easier. Newly launched by Pitney Bowes is a solution, SendPro, which is  a family of office shipping, mailing and payment solutions. Pitney Bowes press release reads, “The SendPro solution revolutionizes shipping for businesses of all sizes by streamlining the sending process in […]

In 2021 Passwords Will Be Gone. Biometrics Will Be the Gatekeeper for Your Device Says Wells Fargo.

  I’ve used passwords since I started dialing numbers of a lock on my school locker. They’re a pain and easy to forget. How much more difficult do you think it is to have a many passwords you must remember and enter from device to device and from app to app? A royal pain. Secil […]

Why Segmenting Your Customers Is A Must For Your Business. Lesson From Cruise Boats.

Cruise boats are offering very exclusive areas of access for their highest paying customers, as reported by the NY Times. They can offer regular cruises for $4,000 and offer cruises for the very wealthy for $30,000. What can your business learn? If you’re not using CRM sales and marketing software, then you’re not able to properly segment […]

What Every Business Should Learn from Apple. Sell More Than Hardware, Boost Revenue with Services

Sure, Apple sells great looking hardware, but as reported by the WSJ. It’s array of services is what will keep the profits coming, over and over again. The WSJ writes, “The bulk of Apple’s services revenue comes from apps. Apple keeps 30 cents of every dollar that flows through the App Store. In January, the […]

For Small Businesses, Facebook Is the Dominant Media Pillar

There’s 4 big pillars of advertising – print (newspapers, magazines), radio, TV and Facebook. End of story. It’s not …and social media…it’s “and Facebook”. Facebook’s $5.2 billion of advertising revenue in the first quarter, 1.7 billion users, profit of $1.5 billion continue to make Facebook a POWERFUL contender far beyond it’s rivals such as Twitter […]

Credit Card Processing and 5 Processing Vendors You Should Know About

When you run a small business, you know how critical it is that you offer your customers multiple payment methods. And even though it costs you money to accept credit cards, it is pretty much mandatory in today’s movement toward cashless commerce. In 2014, U.S. consumers purchased over $4 trillion worth of goods and services […]

Are You Maximizing Tools Like Google To Improve Your Life? Get The Most Out of Your Apps.

The awesome thing about online software is that a) big companies have armies of staff to keep it running b) when things go down or don’t work, they’re fixed pretty quickly c) the software is constantly being updated for the better. Recently Google’s come out with a variety of new solutions to make your life […]

Think You Can’t Compete Against Bigger Competitors: Target Niche with Tech

So Uber and Lyft are the BIG guys in the market for car service – right? There are some companies who are following them – but in narrow markets. These new companies are choosing to target seniors, children and other demographics that might want an added level of safety, security or comfort. Could Uber or […]