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How Can You Keep Your Tech Working Better? A Tech Evangelist’s 7 Useful Tips To Help

Busy professionals rely on their computers and mobile devices to do business. Even one sudden glitch can seriously derail a businessperson’s day, getting in the way of completing work and potentially cutting off communication with customers. For that reason, it’s essential that professionals keep their technology in top shape at all times. We’ve partnered with […]

Is Your Web Site A Sales Lead Machine? Here Are 5 Ways To Turn It Into One.

Your web site is one of the most effective ways to attract leads to your business. However, just having a web site is not good enough. You must ensure that you BUILD a web site that’s set up for successful lead generation and lead capture. LIndsay Bayuk, with Pure Chat (live chat software), shares her insights on this. […]

Publicity Hacks and Buzz: Webinar on 3 Feb with Ramon and Geeta (Baby Got Booked) – 2pm EST

Publicity, media coverage and BUZZ are important for every business. Word of mouth is nice but limited. Investing is advertising is amazing – but costly. Another way to get attention for your business is by having the media talk about your business and/or share your expertise. This is “Free Publicity” for your business. Join Ramon […]

Learning From Politics: Ted Cruz Has 178 Voter Profiles. Bernie Sanders Is Crushing Video.

There’s a lot we small business owners than learn from the Presidential campaign. Ted Cruz’s campaign has 178 different profiles of voters. He can target these customers with different messages. Berni Sanders is crushing the use of videos – with many going viral. I had the opportunity to interview President Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton […]

Living Remotely – Best Tools, Tips and Services for a Life on the Road

Thanks to technology, today’s business landscape is completely different than it was a decade ago. Advances in technology and connectivity have made it possible for people to work from just about anywhere in the world. Because of this we’ve seen huge cultural changes in large companies that embrace telecommuting policies and many businesses and industries […]

Being A Late Adopter Is Not Cool. Your Business Will Suffer If Your Tech Is Not Up To Date.

The Wall Street Journal’s Tanya Rivero did a segment focused on late adopters. Those who are just now buying a tablet, those who just now are getting rid of flip phones – while most of us – have been doing this for years. For those in business, NOT leveraging technology to it’s fullest potential can be […]

Why Your Business Needs to Pivot: Change Is Risky But Often Needed. Here’s How To Do It Right.

When Jim Kolb bought a floral shop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he decided to name his business Oshkosh House of Flowers. But over time, Kolb and his team felt that the word “Oshkosh” in the name of the business limited his shop to an Oshkosh customer base. With the growth of online ordering, rebranding the shop […]

Can Wix Bookings Help My Dentist Stop Calling Me? New Online Booking Service Launches

I have a great dentist. However, they call me all the time to remind me of my dental appointment. If I need to change it around I have to call them or do it when I’m in the office – it’s annoying. It’s annoying because I should be able to take care of appointments without […]

Expensive Video Conference Systems Are Dying. Low Cost and Nimble Ones Are Birthed.

In every corporate conference room there are traditional conference systems from Cisco or Polycom. They work on large monitors, have special cameras and a special hub to connect it all. However, many startups and small businesses re using traditional video conferencing systems like Sype, Zoom and a host of other solutions. Video conference systems in […]