Why Do Your NPS and CSAT Matter? Because Your Clients Care

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Business metrics such as NPS and CSAT may help you understand how satisfied your customers are. Have you ever heard of them? Time to dig in!

Business metrics such as NPS and CSAT may help you understand how satisfied your customers are. Have you ever heard of them? Time to dig in!

Why do your NPS and CSAT matter?

In any company, client satisfaction is vital. After all, you wouldn’t be in business without happy consumers. Metrics like NPS and CSAT may help you understand how satisfied your customers are. However, have you ever heard of them? We’ll explain what they are and how you may utilize them in your company. (You might wish to hire a technology partner to do this.)

What are NPS and CSAT?

You may have many queries if you are new to NPS and CSAT. What are they?


An NPS, or Net Promoter Score, measures consumer loyalty and likelihood to refer a firm to a friend or colleague. Ask a consumer whether they would suggest Product XYZ to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10. Here’s how the scoring works:

  • 0 – 6: Detractors are dissatisfied clients who may leave.
  • 7 or 8: Passives are moderately happy with your product or service
  • 9 or 10: Customers who adore your products and are lovers of your company. This is word-of-mouth marketing!

Using an NPS technology has a lot of advantages. Therefore, it can not only assess client loyalty but also improve long-term connections, minimize churn, and identify issues. For example, Patriot Software loves utilizing NPS to gain fast feedback from consumers.

Regularly checking your score will help you understand how consumers feel about your product or service and where you can improve. When satisfaction drops and negative feedback rises, it’s time to change. (Remember that Net Promoter Score varies by industry, so conduct your research to find out the average score.)


A Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is another customer satisfaction statistic. A CSAT gauges consumer satisfaction with a product or service. So, you may utilize your CSAT to get feedback, e.g., customer service, recent purchases, etc.

Like NPS, you usually ask clients one straightforward question. How satisfied were you with your experience? You may customize survey scales. In the survey, you can ask customers to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 3. A CSAT score of 80% or more is considered satisfactory.

Industry-specific average or “good” ratings differ. So, do your homework and determine what type of marks you should aim for. Once you know your industry’s average rating, you can compare and improve.

Your CSAT is a simple method to gather consumer feedback. To collect client feedback, you can quickly embed brief surveys in your app, website, or email. It’s quick and easy to respond to. Therefore it gets a lot of responses.

Your Scores Help Business

Don’t simply toss your customers’ or participants’ scores away. Instead, utilize them to enhance procedures, goods, services, and operations. Here are four strategies to increase your company’s ratings.

1. Improve customer interactions.

You can utilize both NPS and CSAT to gain meaningful client feedback. Depending on the program or approach, you may ask consumers for further input. Based on such input, you may enhance customer interactions.

To learn why customers favor your company over a competition, utilize NPS ratings. Then utilize your insights to improve customer relations. Say you’re utilizing CSAT to assess your company’s customer service. Your ratings may help you enhance customer communication.

Your business’s success depends on communicating with present and future clients. You might lose loyal consumers and money if you don’t listen to what potential customers have to say.

2. Identify issues.

This may be cliche, but customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent method to identify problems and resolve them quickly. Why? They give you honest comments.

Negative criticism usually hurts a bit as a company owner. But it’s required if you want to develop your company. Your CSAT and NPS may help you identify common issues, enhance your product or service, and assess your overall company performance.

So while reviewing your results, focus on the flaws so you can discover where your company is lacking and make adjustments to enhance KPIs and client happiness.

3. Cut churn.

Nobody hates to lose a client. But, tragically, that happens. Not everyone will enjoy your company or products.

OK. You may dread the concept of client turnover, yet it is a reality for every successful organization. However, you may utilize customer satisfaction surveys to boost and minimize client turnover.

Also, keeping consumers is far cheaper than getting new ones, so you want to do all you can to keep them. Get ready for feedback.

Your scores are a big red flag for churn. You may use them to capture a disgruntled consumer and (hopefully) resolve the problem before they depart for good.

Again, keep an eye on the nasty comments so you can stop issues before they spiral out of hand. Picture terrible word of mouth, negative reviews, and disgruntled customers.

Positive Reviews Boosted

Your customer satisfaction measurements aren’t only about fixing issues and making people happy. You can also utilize NPS and CSAT to positively ask satisfied consumers to promote your brand.

Pay as much attention to good feedback as negative comments and ratings. You may invite promoters (9 or 10) to submit reviews about your company. Customers who offer you good CSAT scores, e.g., satisfied or highly satisfied.

You may also use positive comments to your advantage. Reach out to your promoters or very pleased consumers from your good evaluations. Therefore, they probably won’t mind sharing their positive experience and promoting your company.

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