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How to Explode Productivity with CRM and ERP

How to Explode Productivity with CRM and ERP

To facilitate growth, small and medium sized businesses must work to build systems that will streamline processes to create efficiency and promote productivity. Businesses often invest in a number of tools to gain insight into their operations and customers, through customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Both CRM and ERP offer […]

Barry Moltz and Ramon - video phone call

Don’t Let Holiday’s Reduce Your Productivity and Communication: Use Video Conference Tools

  During the holiday’s you and your team (virtual, employees or consultants) want to take vacation time, leave early and come in late. Leveraging the power of technology to help you be as productive out of the office as you are in the office can help. New research from Flex+Strategy Group, co-sponsored by Citrix reveals a surprising two-thirds […]

Oct22-How To Evolve Your Automated Sales Efforts

How To Evolve Your Automated Sales Efforts

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.” Here’s another one of those quotes that’s chock full of truth, yet no one is exactly sure who said it first. Maybe that’s because the idea it expresses is so universal that many people have independently uttered it – or something like it – that establishing attribution is impossible. […]

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Is Getting More Social

Many of us have used Microsoft Outlook for years – sending and receiving zillions of messages. Well a nice collaboration upgrade is coming. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, new versions of Outlook will let you “like” an email and bring others into the conversation with an “@” notation and their name. Sounds simple […]