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Being A Late Adopter Is Not Cool. Your Business Will Suffer If Your Tech Is Not Up To Date.

The Wall Street Journal's Tanya Rivero did a segment focused on late adopters.

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

Why Your Business Needs to Pivot: Change Is Risky But Often Needed. Here’s How To Do It Right.

When Jim Kolb bought a floral shop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he decided

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

8 Ways to use competitive research to get an advantage

Knowledge is power and because every business today is so closely tied

Megan Totka Megan Totka

GoDaddy Has Logo Design Service. Plus 5 More Ways To Get A Logo For Your Business

Logos are important. They provide your company with a brand identity and

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Expensive Video Conference Systems Are Dying. Low Cost and Nimble Ones Are Birthed.

In every corporate conference room, there are traditional conference systems from Cisco or

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Why Does The Government Hate Innovation? Uncle Sam, Show Love Not Hate.

Two headlines caught my attention. The first is that Uber is paying

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Guns and Small Business: Are You Ready To Do Business in Gun Safety Technology?

I'm a firm believer in the rights and importance of law-abiding citizens

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Can Staples Win Against Amazon In A Price War For Your Business?

Staples has long been a staple, pun intended, for office supplies and

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Daymond John’s The Power of Broke – Evidence That the American Dream Is Still Alive

Somewhere along the line, many Americans have become jaded about the American

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