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Study Shows Successful Business Innovation Relys on a Strong Process and Management

In 2015, consulting firm Accenture released the results of their 2015 US Innovation Survey: Clear Vision, Cloudy Execution. The study revealed a couple of major findings with regards to how companies think about business innovation and how successful they are when it comes to being innovative: 96 percent of executives said that the long-term success of their […]

Social Media’s Impact on Business Recruiting Continues to Rise

Social Media has had a huge impact on many facets of our lives. It’s changed the way we connect and socialize with our family and friends. It’s also changed the way we buy as consumers and access media. For businesses, there are just as many changes. For most businesses, social media allows them to reach a […]

Staples’ Printing and Marketing Has Big Impact on Small Business Customers

In a recent exclusive interview with Staples’ Vice President of Print Merchandising, Amy Lang, Ramon Ray discovered that there is so much more to the relationship between this retailer and small business than just selling office supplies. The commitment they’ve made to their small business customers and the offering of a variety of services that […]

NEWS: Neglecting Website Basics Can Significantly Impact Sales

If you’re not regularly updating your web site, it’ll get old very quickly. Check out this survey and insight form VistaPrint. Nearly 70% of small business consumers say the most important factor in a positive website experience is up-to-date and accurate content, suggesting a quick “spring cleaning” could bring big benefits for business owners. That’s […]

News: U.S. Businesses Neglect a Major Information Security Risk

We focus so much on digital security, but do we focus enough on the confidential and personally identifiable information on our PAPER documents? The seventh annual Shred-it Information Security Tracker Survey, conducted by Ipsos, reveals that with the move towards a “paperless” office, U.S. businesses are not prioritizing the management of confidential information in all […]

News: Wix Launches SEO Tool and Google Integration

Wix is one of the leading platforms for DIY web site building. In fact, is built on Wix. Today Wix announced a way for small businesses to enhance SEO rankings on their web sites. Here’s their press release: has announced the launch of SEO Wiz, which powers search optimization on Wix sites by […]

Advice from the 2017 SXSW Dell Experience: How to Pitch a Complex Business

Pitching your business is a subject we frequently write about here on Smart Hustle. In the past year, we’ve covered articles on the sales pitch, pitch contests, pitching to the media, and even pitch advice from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. Recently, I encountered another angle that I think some business owners would appreciate, after watching […]

The Experience: Dell Showcases the Power of Technology at SXSW 2017

Dell made a splash at the 2017 SXSW festival, hosting an interactive 4-day pop-up called “The Experience” which allowed visitors to explore the latest Dell innovations, including virtual reality, security, open source, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Attendees interacted with cutting-edge technology related to music, video, and gaming, and listened to thought-provoking sessions like “How VR Could […]

Accounting Gets Artificial Intelligence: Xero’s New Service

Accounting, for many, is a pain. I often screw up my accounting. Not because of the software, but because of my lack of knowledge about accounting. From Xero’s press release:  Xero’s new technology is the first example of personalized machine learning in a small business cloud accounting system. Developed in-house by a specialist team of […]

4 Tips for Staying Safe on a Public Computer

An average of 85.1 percent of American homes have a computer, ranging from 76 percent to 92.3 percent depending on what state you live in. But while most of us have access to some kind of private device, there may come a time when we have to use a public computer or public Wi-Fi for […]