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The Experience: Dell Showcases the Power of Technology at SXSW 2017

Dell made a splash at the 2017 SXSW festival, hosting an interactive 4-day pop-up called “The Experience” which allowed visitors to explore the latest Dell innovations, including virtual reality, security, open source, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Attendees interacted with cutting-edge technology related to music, video, and gaming, and listened to thought-provoking sessions like “How VR Could […]

Accounting Gets Artificial Intelligence: Xero’s New Service

Accounting, for many, is a pain. I often screw up my accounting. Not because of the software, but because of my lack of knowledge about accounting. From Xero’s press release:  Xero’s new technology is the first example of personalized machine learning in a small business cloud accounting system. Developed in-house by a specialist team of […]

4 Tips for Staying Safe on a Public Computer

An average of 85.1 percent of American homes have a computer, ranging from 76 percent to 92.3 percent depending on what state you live in. But while most of us have access to some kind of private device, there may come a time when we have to use a public computer or public Wi-Fi for […]

5 Tips To Choosing Your Marketing Automation Provider

Marketing automation is all about making your life easier. Nurturing leads used to be one-part science and one-part creativity, but whichever part you focused on, nurturing your leads to become sales-ready was never easy. Scrolling through a list of endless leads, reaching out to them and then trying to customize and craft a suitable follow-up are […]

GoDaddy Enhances Mobile Shopping With ApplePay and Shopping Cart Intelligence

Apple is the leading mobile payment solution for many retailers. GoDaddy announced that today small business retailers using GoDaddy can now let their customers buy with Apple Pay. GoDaddy also announced 3 upgrades to its shopping cart features. These upgrades include: Smart mobile checkout: redesigned checkout flow to minimize all friction points for customers to complete […]

3 Reasons Invoicing Apps Are Essential For Fledgling Businesses

It’s great to have an idea and a dream. It’s great to make your first sale. But nothing smells “amateur” and “unprofessional” like bad invoicing. I recently purchased an item online, from a fledgling part-time business owner. The payment site had a different name, the email address had a different name and the email I […]

Don’t Let Technology Create Blinders On Your Perspective. Every Leader’s Nightmare.

Technology is amazing. Getting news rapidly is amazing. Seeing what are friends like (and don’t like is amazing). However, one of the downsides of technology is that the automatic algorithms give us an unrealistic view of the world. Jenn Wortham writes in the New York Times In hindsight, that failure makes sense. I’ve spent nearly 10 […]

Video Humanizes Your Brand: 3 Tips To Use It For Your Business.

Regardless of your occupation, understanding why the use of video is becoming a powerful communication tool is crucial. While entertainment videos are still leading the ranks when it comes to the type of video being watched, instructional and informational videos are not far behind. I’ve asked Matt Pierce, customer support manager at TechSmith Corp, to share […]

Social Bots: Should You Use Them for Customer Service?

Facebook Messenger enables you to have pre-programmed bots to answer and interact with customers. Twitter now enables bots as a form of customer service. If you have very low customer engagement a bot might not be worth it for you, however, as you have an increasingly engaged customer base being able to service them is important. […]

Microsoft Teams: How Microsoft Is Changing and Evolving Business Collaboration & Communication

Let’s give Microsoft credit. It is NO longer the company of 10 or 20 years go, launching, software installed on a PC – those days are over. Seeing Satya Nadella on stage at Microsoft’s press conference, launching Microsoft Teams, was big. Hear a snip of his presentation here. Microsoft Teams is yet another successful push by […]