6 Signs You’re Over-Segmenting Your Marketing Automation Campaigns

Email marketing automation software and personalization is becoming more hyped with the rise of big data and AI. Every marketer knows that email list segmentation improves open and click rates. Segmented lists have 14.31% more open rates than non-segmented counterparts. It also raises click rates up to 100.95%. But, there’s such a thing as over-segmentation. […]

Simplifying Your Life Through Automation

Ramon Ray, Founder of Smallbiztechnology and Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine, recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nina Kaufman, Founder of Business Exponential, on “Simplifying Your Life Through Automation“. As a technology evangelist, Ramon knows how important it is to make smart and strategic tech decisions as a way to help grow and automate your […]

3 Things Amazon Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation

As with any business process, the most efficient method of delivery and execution is through automation. This theory holds true with certain marketing processes, as well. Marketing automation is the system and process that enables businesses to automate, in full or part, the repetitive tasks in their marketing and sales processes. These tasks could include […]

Executive Spotlight: Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp, Automates E-Commerce for Small Businesses

As CEO of Dydacomp, Fred Lizza oversees automation software for a variety of clients, improving efficiency and giving small businesses a competitive advantage. Dydacomp is a multi-channel order manager for e-commerce businesses, providing integrated web hosting and shopping cart integration. In recent years, the company has turned its attention toward cloud-based order management solutions with […]

Build a Relationship with Your Customers in 3 Minutes (Video)

Relationships are hard, and relationships with your customers aren’t any easier than a relationship with a friend, spouse, or family member. Tyler Garns, vice president of marketing with Infusionsoft, explains a few easy ways to keep those customer relationships going. Here are the key takeaways from the video below: – Automation is something that small […]