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Overwhelmed by Marketing? New Survey Shows Just How Tough Small Business Marketing Is

Marketing is of utmost importance to small business owners, but it is also one of the most challenging parts of running your business. Which marketing strategies should you use? Who should handle your marketing? How do you fit marketing in a small business budget? And is your marketing even effective? If you’ve ever been overwhelmed […]

PerfectBanner-custom – New Service Automatically Tests Banner Ads – A/B Testing Service

Advertising online is a crap shoot. Most online advertising click-through rates are at around 1% or less – that’s very low and that does not even take into account the purchase or what happens AFTER the click through rates. I was recently introduced to – a simple but neat service – which lets’ you build […]

Oct22-How To Evolve Your Automated Sales Efforts

How To Evolve Your Automated Sales Efforts

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.” Here’s another one of those quotes that’s chock full of truth, yet no one is exactly sure who said it first. Maybe that’s because the idea it expresses is so universal that many people have independently uttered it – or something like it – that establishing attribution is impossible. […]


3 Video Metrics Every Small Business Should Be Thinking About

3 Video Metrics Small Business Should Be Thinking About by Brad Jefferson, CEO & Co-founder, Animoto   It’s becoming harder for small businesses to ignore video in their marketing strategy. A recent Animoto study found nearly two-thirds of consumers believe companies that use video know how to reach their customers, and one in four consumers […]