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5 Ways to Boost Customer Retention

Small business entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into attracting new customers.

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Have You Met Freddy? Say Hello to a New AI Engine Set to Enrich Customer Service

Freshworks, who specializes in customer engagement software, has just released “Freddy”. “Freddy”

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CRM Systems: A 10-Point Guide

CRM, or Customer Service Management System, is a necessary part of any

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Treat Your Customers Like Humans, Not Transactions – Sid Lee Exec

On the occasion of a panel discussion hosted by collaboration services company,

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Using AI to Improve Your Sales – Chrous.AI founder talks with Ramon Ray

Analyzing data received through communication, whether with customers or investors, is key

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

How to Build Your Own Customer Support with Wix Answers

One of the most important responsibilities you have is to ensure you

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10 Ways to Improve User Experience and Increase User Engagement

What's one UX design element you have implemented that has proven to

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10 Things to Consider When Automating Your Customer Support Services

When thinking about introducing AI and chatbots into company operations, what's one

Young Entrepreneur Council Young Entrepreneur Council

How To Use CRM to Create Positive Customer Experiences

Customers’ are the back bone to run a successful business. They can

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12 Technology-Based Tips to Improve Your Business’s Customer Support

In what way is your business using technology to transform customer support?  These answers